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    I have been paying now for a few months and have decided to pay off my bike. One reason is the HDFS. The website is difficult to use and when you call them they are not working. I cant call until 5pm pst (because of work) and they close at 5pm est. If you run a business in banking you probably should have an after hour phone or something. The website continually locked me out and I tried several computers.

    On a good note, I did manage to get a hold of someone in India when I was making multiple credit card payments to pay off the loan. They only allow you to pay $2500 at a time and also charge you $6 each time you pay with a card. HDFS doesn't make it easy to pay with a card.

    Not happy over all with the service and glad to be almost done with them. Now I will see how long it takes them to get me my title...

    Forgot to say...oh yeah it feels good to have the bike in my name finally (or whenever I get the title). Also feels good to be out of debt...

    Here is an update on the payoff project...the nightmare continues...

    So, I am trying to pay the Harley loan off with my credit card (then pay off my card in Feb before the interest hits on that) before the interest hits on the 6th of Feb. I would have sent a check, but I didn't think it would arrive in time.

    So, my bank (Chase) rejected the payments without notifying me and Harley Financial didn't notify me either. Again, I spent all morning trying to contact people and get this straightened out. WOW, the banks really don't like you paying your loans off early, they make it very difficult, they really are trying to get one more month of interest out of me!

    At this point I am not happy with both banks (actually HDFS is part of Chase or Chase owns them or provides the service to them, so is it the same bank or what?).

    What the banks don't know about me is that I am very persistent and don't give up easily. I will make it my life's endeavor to pay this loan off (before the 6th) and not pay them a penny more interest. I WILL WIN!!!!
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    good luck, I can't wait until mine is paid off. It sure feels good not to owe anyone
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    Paid cash for mine and no I'm not rich. I saved and then sold some things I no longer needed, just so I wouldn't have to barrow from the man...
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    I paid them off 3 years early. They only problem I had was that they tried to charge me a months interest, even though they received the payment prior to the date they had given me when I initially called for the payoff amount. ONLY took 3 phone calls to get that rectified.

    But, you're correct. Banks, all banks, will try all kinds of tricks to get the last ounce of blood out of us.
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    When I bought mine I financed for the max 7 yrs in case I was off work in during the winter months my committed payment would be low. I paid it off in 2 1/2 years and had no problems with the bank at all.
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    NHK750 congrats for allmost being done with the thieves, but on the down side you might find your self waiting 30 days for HDFS to send you your title.

    Here is my experience, I was in another state and decided to buy a used Ultra Classic, I found a very nice green and black one but the problem was that the guy still owed $8500 to HDFS so the only way to buy the bike was to pay the guys loan off, so I called Eaglemark Savings Bank in Reno NV who held the title and they said I could pay the ballance off but they would have to send the title to the guy I was buying the bike from and it would take up to 30 days to do that. Well long stort short the guy flaked on me and decided not to sell the ultra and I rernamed him and that ened that.

    So I found another but that to was financed and I had to pay off the loan, but it was financed by bank of america and for a few more bucks they said they would send the title to a local bank and I could pick it up there.
    I did buy the bike paid the guy and the bank and a week later the title showed up at the bank but it was not signed! The bank manager at that bank said that in that state the titles did not need to be signed by the bank and I believed him, so I get back home and go to the dmv up here and they said no go the bank has to sign it, I renamed them too!
    So after many phone calls and paper work B of A sends me a release of interest after 2 weeks and I go back to the dmv and get it in my name.

    My point in this is I now hate all big banks and would not trust them to deposit 1 dollar.

    On the other hand I had a loan awhile back at a local credit union made the payments online every month with no problems and when it was paid off I picked up the title at there main branch the same day since they were local.
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    Ya Carson City that what I meant, everyone I ever talked to at Eaglemark Savings bank were very rude I don't see why anyone would finance with those people.
    Complaints? why bother they will just put you on hold and go to lunch for the rest of the day.
    Guess when the have your title and credit score in there hands they think they are God.
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    Definitely agree - banks are banks & they'll try anything to get your $$$, but persistence pays & it feels nice to get that title in your hands.

    For grins, b/c I already had financial backing for my SG, I submitted an app to HDFS just to see their offer. Needless to say they planned a 12K 4-yr loan @ 12% int. which was well above my bank's 4.5% so I promptly said no. When the HD rep asked why I said b/c you're almost 3x higher than my bank & he didn't believe me (interesting). I asked if he even looked at me credit score (close to 800) and thought about cutting me a "realistic" offer. Needless to say, the bike's in my garage w/money in the bank. Wouldn't recommend HDFS to anyone.
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    banks are legal crooks!
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    Have always used H D finance up front for a package deal and pay bikes off in 1 year I know they dont like it much but I can buy new bikes with little down and lower finance rates this way