H.F. Steel VS Aluminum Jack

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by leo13, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. leo13

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    Did a search and read the 10 threads that came up, but didn't see this issue directly discussed. The steel H.F. ATV/Motorcycle jack is priced around $89. The aluminum motorcycle jack has been on sale for $119 (regular $199).

    A riding buddy has a high priced (and excellent) jack and I do any major maintenance using his jack (and his experience). I want a jack at my place for minor work and wheel cleaning, so the aluminum jack's smaller footprint, mobility and lighter weight appeals to me.

    Is there a compelling reason for buying the steel jack instead (other than price)?
  2. Iceman24

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    Not to knock either HF jack, but we have a HF outlet in Omaha so I went & looked at both of these units. Needless to say - I own a J&S jack...didn't care for the "economical" quality of HF products & aluminum jack flexed w/me standing on it so I'd say the 800+ pound touring bike will flex more...JMO.

    You'll find more & more HD touring bike owners will go with J&S or PitBull jacks...larger initial investment, but I never have to worry about failure while scoot's hoisted in the air.
  3. tunacan

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    I can not say enough great things about my J&S jack. I thought long and hard before I made the purchase. Looking back I have no regrets, it is worth the extra expense.

    My J&S jack has paid for itself more than twice over. I calculate that in savings from doing my own oil changes (multiple times), true dual change, stage 1 change, multiple cleanings (WITH CONFIDENCE).

    It has also saved lots of time by allowing me to turn my bike around in my garage enabling me to pull straight out.

    I looked at several jacks before pulling the trigger. The J&S is rock solid and stable when in use, no strapping needed. Watch the videos, I've done all the antics they show and more. I have started my Road King and had it running, changing gears without worrying about it falling off.
  4. gusotto

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    I buy very little from HF.
    Too much from China and I support American jobs.
    It does take more time but I feel better.
  5. R_W_B

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    I have heard that the HF aluminum jack sways under weight, don't know for sure, just been told that. I have the steel HF jack for bout 8 months now. Works great. You will have to make your own decision though. You can see the HF jack in use (along with the Dyna pad mod) in my profile albums). If you have plenty of money, the J&S jack is the cadillac.
  6. Redfish-Joe

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    I have the yellow steel HF jack and the only complaint I have with it at first was its decent rate. Kinda fast but I got used to it. I had dozens of bikes on it servicing bikes and changing tires without any problems.
  7. kemo

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    I have a Chineese lift also, it has never failed me but I am thinking that if I am able to go to Daytona I might get a first class lift either a Pitbull or J&S. I do have a heavy duty table lift that you can see in my profile.
  8. dangerdan

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    I have a Pitpull jack. It was pricey but well worth it.

    Its just a better jack.
    The rails that support the bike are longer.
    No more guessing if the bike is on properly.
    It has grease bearings
    Its easier to move on concrete- Some sort of hardened plastic wheels.
    There is never any fear of loosing the bike if the hydraulics fail as along as the jiffy stand is down.

    I have nothing but praise for Pitbull
  9. btsom

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    There is no substitute for quality. There is a certain cost/benefit ratio for the weekend service user as opposed to the person who earns his living with a particular lift. I have the HF yellow and it has met the needs of all the servicing I have done, including installing the SE compensator,several tire changes, all services based on mileage-my bike has never been to the dealer in 36,000 miles. I will tackle any job for which I have the tools and some others if I choose the buy or rent the tools. I have to put a 2 X 4 under the stand in order to get the fully lowered jack under the low side frame tube. For around $125 versus several times that amount, I am satisfied.
  10. Bgdv1

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    dont know about the HF jacks or the others mentioned i bought a craftsman jack from sears and couple oil changes and some other work done on the SG and so far so good. right now the bikes been sitting on it for the last 2 days as im in the process of adding passing lamp kit and its easier to do with the bike up in the air alittle. it has 3 safety catches to lock into and its in the middle one now. im planning to store the bike on it this winter in my garage with the cover on it. just my $.03 worth :D