GPS.. Which model? Pros & Cons?

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  1. oldhippie

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    Looking to get a GPS for my Ultra and for car. As far as I can tell, if I want to be able to connect via my AUX In on my H-D radio, I have just the HD Road Tech & Garmin Zumo's to choose from. Since, with my eyes, size matters I'm looking at the Zumo 660 or 665. Don't really need XM Satellite radio so kinda leaning to the 660's.

    The Road Tech Zumo 660 ($739 CDN dealers, $650 US dealers) from H-D is about $80 more here in Canada as compared to the Garmin model ($650 CDN). Difference between the two is HD's has the dealerships programmed in, AC charger adapter but no handlebar or fairing mounts (sold seperately) while the generic Zumo 660 comes with handlebar mount, car mounts, wiring for motorcycle power supply and cig lighter adapter. The HD fairing mount is another $46 CDN or $36 in US. The handlebar mount is about triple the fairing mount price.

    Also can get a Garmin Zumo 660 with lifetime map updates for $50 more ($700). Harley doesn't seem to offer that option and, if the map updates are from Garmin, the lifetime updates are an extra $90 US.

    Still juggling in my mind which would be better suited to my needs. I carry the HD Road Atlas so having the dealer listings isn't that big a deal but would be nice. On the other hand, for about the same price as it'd cost me to pick the Road Tech up the next time I trek down to N.D., I could get the Garmin shipped to me from a Canadian supplier.

    Anyone have any experience with either GPS or know of a current automotive model GPS with a headphone jack?

    Blast.. the more I type this thread the more I'm convincing myself which one I want.:p
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  2. AZRobert

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    I just use "Navigation" App that came with my Smart Phone - in my car I connected the headphone jack to the Aux on my car radio.
    For my bike, I picked upsomething called the Cell Buckle and mounted it to my handle bar - he had a video of this being used on a roller coaster and it was only about $20.

    I've used alot of the Garmin and TomTom's, but the smartphone is "live" with traffic updates and never needs updating and I can use voice commands - plus it doesn't cost anything extra :s
  3. Cuda

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    I have been running the road tech 660 , I love it , integrated thru my radio and helmet headset. Its fast and accurate and the searches are good. It comes with a car mount when forced to cage it. Not missing the satelite weather or radio that the 665 offers. I can get that on my phone if ness.I glad i went with this unit and the fairing mount is in just the right spot to keep in your periph vision but keep your eyes on the road.
  4. oldhippie

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    Does someone make a smart phone with a 5" x 3" screen?:s My problem is I can't see what's on a cell phone screen without reading glasses or major staring without glasses. I can read a licence plate from 50 ft away but not a cell phone 5" away. It's not a problem when my wife is with me since I'd just hand it over to her and let her navigate for us. I don't have a cell phone but my wife does.

    Thanks AZ, I'll just have to check with our provider to see what those cost and what fees we'd run into when running outside Canada (roaming fees are painful).

    When I get to the point of needing glasses for more than reading, I guess it'll be bifocals.

    Thanks Cuda.
  5. Brad214

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    I've been using the Zumo 660 (and the Zumo 550 before that) for the last few years and many thousands of miles. It gives me the freedom to explore any road knowing I'm never lost. I first had it installed on my Fatboy, then transferred it to my Road King after selling that bike. It also works great in the car. Comes with everything you could possibly need for mounting. The 550 came with a AC charger that I never used. My friend has the Harley version, works the same, just no flexibility on mounting options. Some of the best money I've ever spent on the motorcycle.
  6. TXMikey

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    I received the Road Tech 660 for Christmas, and absolutely love it. I think the biggest difference is that you can use the fairing mount with the Road Tech and have it work through the HK stereo system if you get the audio interface. I don't think the Garmin version is compatible with the fairing mount and audio interface.

    I already had an XM unit on my Street Glide, so the extra expense of the 665 was needed for me. I do use the media player on the 660, and it is a lot easier than hooking up my ipod.

    As for the H-D dealers being pre-loaded, you can download them as POIs from online. The Road Tech does come with 1 free map update, and you can purchase the lifetime update certificate from Garmin. Road Tech also uses all downloads available for the Garmin version.

    Best of luck with your decision process! Let us know what you decide.
  7. TripleJ

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    +1 on the I-Phone and the Navigon App. by Garmin. I think it was $50.00 for the app. What I like best about it is you do not have to look at it, it just speaks to you either through your speakers or headset (Sena SMH10 is what we use). It breaks in if you are listening to music and then goes right back to the music and gives directions that are very easy to follow without having to look at the screen.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    I went "cheap"...plain, tiny and old schoolTom-Tom XL140S...$120, Kuryakyn Mount $50, if it rains, put a sandwich bag over it. Is it, but it does the deed just fine. Most of my riding is pre-planned, directions "enhanced" by the GPS only. Would I like newer features, waterproof, rugged design...? Sure, but technology is pretty fleeting.

    I would like it to "chain up to 10 destinations", have intuitive memory where it does not have to "recalculate" when you have already configured the optimum route with minimum number of turns...among others. But the key is, find what WORKS for you and with features you NEED (not just "want").
  9. Iceman24

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    This might sound funny/wierd, but you can get/buy a "economical" GPS (i.e. Tom Tom, Garmin for car) and stretch a condom over the device to make it waterproof...many riders have done this w/success & much cheaper than the $300-$600 weatherproof units...just another idea to toss in the mix.
  10. STEVE07

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    I have had my TomTom RiderII for 3 yrs. now and I am very satisfied.Fully waterproof,bluetooth integrated and I purchase map updates for a nominal price.