GPS Garmin "Zumo"

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  1. BuzzCap7

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    Anyone using Zumo?

    If so, why so darn expensive? And is it worth it?

    I know it has a bigger screen, but anything else to warrant such a high price?


  2. WHM1

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    Do a search... this has been discussed many times...
  3. Bud White

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    water proof is why and the other reason im sure it says HD on it .. zip lock baggie is water proof too
  4. airdrie

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    It does claim to be waterproof, but I did end up putting a ziploc bag over it when the audio started crackling during a 3rd straight day of rain.

    It as some nice features. It has bluetooth and can sync up with your phone or blackberry along with a bluetooth headset. You can answer your phone and dial from the Zumo touch screen. Ever try using you cell phone while riding? Me either. Neat idea but a useless feature.

    I did use the media play feature and XM radio accessory. It was nice having tunes while riding.

    It is fairly rugged and the handlebar mount is decent. I really appreciated when I had to navigate the freeways of LA.
  5. Skratch

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    I went to my local HD store today as it was their open house. I saw the Zumo 550 on the rack and it said "$200 off". I asked what the price was after the 200 bucks and he said $599.

    Yikes. Needless to say, I didn't buy it. Maybe someday.
  6. MOULIN6801

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    I have been using my Garmin 76 C my motorcycle for the last 4 ys and on my Jet ski for the last 2, not counting the occasional car use.
    I love it. This model you can take it camping, it only requires 2 AA that last for a week. Not just water proof, but you can drop it in the water and it will FLOAT ! It has a color moving map display.
    It will not talk to you, and will not play music.
    But since I have a St. Glide, I don't need either of those things.
    And is 1/2 price of the Zumo !!!
  7. ktorian

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    The Harley version is fairly new and is much more expensive than the standard Garmin version which has been out for a couple of years. There are a number of motorcycle specific features that you won't get with a regular GPS, such as a glove friendly touchpad layout, gas guage, and rugged, weatherproof construction. I have the XM radio add-on and have the audio routed through the HD stereo system. I also wired the microphone into the bike so that I can talk on the phone via bluetooth through the HD headset. I have gotten a lot of use out of my Zumo and wouldn't be without it, especially on out-of-town trips.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Motorcycle GPS models are just more expensive, water resisitant, more fault tolerant touch pad etc. BUT I find the "inexpensive" TomTom One basic model works okay, not perfect, but does the deed for round $120 or so. Yes it would be nice to have a brighter display, and louder speech...but on the plus side, it is MUCH easier to use than either Garmin or Magellans, the Zumo in particular seemed to display things like an old Nintendo. The TomTom I especially like being able to view the route in text or program alternate routes quickly.

    Best endorsement yet is my gal picked up using it the very first day I showed her, and now she pulls it off my bike all the time to run in the car going on trips or garage sales on weekends. I like technology, actually a techno junkie, but she likes using them as the tools they are made for, so if it is easy to use and transfers from vehicle to vehicle quickly it is a wrap.
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  10. zoood

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    I'm looking at the Tom Tom Rider 2nd edition. Im wondering the physical dimensions of the device and my other question is.

    Will the magnets in my fairing for my radio's speakers. Cause the device to malfunction?

    I am kicking around the idea that if I use a GPS. I will make a fixture that will allow me to lock the unit into the fairing and not on the handlebars.