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Good HD/Motorcycle Magazine(s)


Hi, Everyone!

I've been wanting to subscibe to a decent magazine or two for information, fun reading, up-to-date info, etc. (leaning towards Harley's, of course... but doesn't neccessarily have to be 100% dedicated). I picked up a copy of "IronWorks" today as the cover states it's "The Journal for Harley Enthusiasts," but I've only read through this one issue, so I don't have a real good idea of what's in store in this magazine.

I was wondering what recommendations and/or experiences all you have out there regarding good mags?

I have Iron Works, American Iron, American Rider, Biker, V-Twin, In The Wind, Easy Rider and HotBike coming to me on a regular basis. I love them all. I learn something from each issue.
I read just about all of them, that relate to HD's. That is just my preference. Hot Bike is good, as well as Easyriders. But, I ride a bagger. Recently there have been two bagger mags coming out. One is American Bagger, and the other is Hot Bike Bagger, they don't have a website that I can find, but their lead companies site is . Both are great, and I subscribe to both, as well as Easyriders. the others I just pick up if there is an article I am interested in.
Thanks for everyone's input. I'll definately pick up an issue of every mag mentioned and attempt to narrow it down to only a couple of subscriptions (if that's possible, of course).
Hot bike and hot bagger by the same company are good mags.
Those 2 plus The Horse Back Street Choppers (used to be Iron Horse) and EasyRider. In fact I have at least 1 of every Dave Mann EasyRider center fold on the wall in my garage!