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Hey Glider

You are always helping us with all our problems and telling us all sorts of things we don't know about our bikes . Well I'm sure that there is more than one of us that would like to hear about your ride.You spend all your time hearing us brag about our rides and never brag about your own. We all know it's a RK but lets hear about it. I think it would be neat to hear all about your bike. Please include pics too.

OK Guys, here goes...

It's an 07 Road King Classic that I like to ride and also work on. I have put about $6,200 so far in parts alone on it after I bought it in Jan of 07. Don't get to ride it as much as I would like but get my fair share in with a few riding buddies. Do a lot of 100 milers +- when we ride, that's enough to keep the smile factor going. I run a TFI to richen things up a bit and a stage 1 for a bit of air to cool things off some. It runs real good and holds it's own against some bigger bikes.

Here's a few pics of the RK, but these were taken before most of the things I added to the bike. I have to get some current pics as soon as the weather permits.Some things like the passenger floorboards have been removed and the FLHX peg setup have taken their place as well as the FLHX rear fender tip unit in chrome with the 3 bar brake/running light LED's. The new front bullet directionals can be seen in the 2 nd and 3 rd pic down.







Here's a growing list of additions that I have added that will show in the new pics when I get to taking and posting them.
  • Fender skirt V Logo
  • Kuryakyn extended heat shield
  • Billit shift linkage
  • Billet shifter levers
  • Shift pegs (2)
  • Billit brake lever
  • Brake pedal
  • Head bold covers
  • Caliper inserts
  • Front Floorboard covers (top)
  • Rear Floorboard covers (top)
  • Rear Floorboard (underside)
  • Soft lowers
  • Saddlebag guards
  • FLHR Stem clock
  • Banjo bolt covers (4)
  • Air pump (shocks)
  • Kuryakyn tail light cover
  • Kuryakyn Dash insert
  • Kuryakyn Regulator cover
  • Stage 1 Intake
  • K&N HD 0800 filter
  • Chrome fork air baffle
  • Dash panel complete (kury)
  • Clutch cable P Clip
  • Chrome reflector housings-frame
  • Rear aux brake/running lights
  • R Brake mounts
  • Kuryakyn cylinder base cover
  • Kuryakyn mid frame chrome covers
  • Chrome Drain screws
  • Timer cover
  • Chrome rear foot peg base kit (FLHX)
  • Rear passenger pegs (replaced boards)
  • Peg Mount bolt kit (chrome)
  • Isolated Drive System
  • Front bullet turn signals
  • Front Visors for above
  • Rear Turn Bullet Bar
  • Rear visors for above
  • Rear red lenses
  • Passing visor bezels
  • T/S visor bezels
  • Headlamp bezel
  • Chrome rear Master Cyl cover
  • Chrome Transmission interface
  • Chrome handlebars
  • Chrome clutch cable ferrules (2)
  • TFI (1250ST)
  • Alarm smart siren
  • License plate frame
  • Gerbing heated gloves
  • Kury Inner primary cover
  • Kury Lizard lights
  • Frog mouth neutral switch cover
  • Chrome Starter solenoid end cover
  • Chrome Tri bar LED Rear fender tip light kit (FLHX)
  • Caliper insert (oil cap)
  • Trans dip stick CH
  • Chrome FLT front-end package
Chrome fork kit-sliders/cowbells
Axle spacers/axle covers
Chrome hand levers
Chrome master cylinder & clutch perch
Chrome front master cylinder cover
Aileron grips
Chrome switch housings
Chrome switch bolt kit
Harness retainer
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I am going to print this out and send it to Santa Right now! Maybe he will get the hint and gives him plenty of time to gather all of this together!:D
Oh and Very nice ride you have! (Lawn looks great too!)
I should have taken those pics when everything was in full bloom and before the flowers were taken out for the winter.
Wow! I've mentioned before, I love that color of blue :D The chrome is cool too, looking good there Glider. I was at a dealer today, right before they were closing for the snow..... and was oogling over a RK of all things, blue of course. I think that might have to be my 5 year anniversary bike! I'll start dropping the hints and take TG's idea of printing the 'wish list'.

Can't wait to see the updated pix :D
I'm going to show this post to my wife . She thinks I spend too much on my bike but you got me beat Bro ( not by much ). :p
Good looking ride you have there Glider,once you start it never end's.When you think you are about done,the thought of a new bike pop's into your head. :D