Getting rolling from a start - both feet down, or one up?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DaveInPA, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. DaveInPA

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    I have a novice question. Is it recommended to start with both feet down and bring them both up once the bike starts rolling, or is it advised to have one foot up on the peg when you start?

  2. bwalsh22

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    Whatever feels comfortable, sometimes I do one, sometimes I do both. Usually if I am making a left I will put the right foot up, but if I am on a hill then have to do both. Otherwise, whatever comes to me at that given time. The rider coaches at the course tell you to do what works for you, just get some speed, get balanced, keep your head up, looking and go.
  3. DaveInPA

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    I think you just helped me out big time. I've been putting my right foot up on the peg before I start. I'm fine turning left from a stop, but I have problems with rights. I think maybe if I start with my left foot up on right handed starts it might help. I'll try it in the morning :)
  4. Bud White

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    edit after rereading and thinking .. something i try not to do

    Both feet on ground till start rolling then both feet up ..

    as for steep hills i try to use right foot to hold the bike still as its hard holding the front brake then rolling the throttle on at same time to try to take off.
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  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    It takes the fewest brain cells to do it the same way every time instead of constantly analyzing right turn/left turn/uphill/downhill/sunshine/rain/etc.
    Personally, I always have both feet on the ground at a stop and lift them onto the boards/pegs together. Biggest exception to this is facing uphill on a pretty steep hill - then I let my right foot hold the brake so right hand can concentrate on throttle and not have to do any braking.

    Careful Dave, you're going to have all your questions answered before you get to your rider's class!
  6. DaveInPA

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    I've been riding around town every day coming up with more and you guys have been great!
  7. barryhancock

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    I catch first gear and stop on my left foot. Right foot holds the brake if I am on a hill. That leaves right hand on throttle and left hand on clutch. Picking up one foot is way easier for me. Barry
  8. TXMikey

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    I find both feet up once I'm rolling works best for me. On hills, I try to use the "friction zone" in the clutch to keep the bike from rolling backwards just before I take off, especially if there's a good cross-wind blowing.
  9. cdn-bigfoot

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    OK so you've got your right foot on the brake all the time while stopped?
    How do you bring up your left to kick it into 1st to get rolling?
    Or do you sit there with your bike in gear while holding in the clutch lever?

    I like to put the bike in neutral every chance I get. Relax my arms and take them both off the grips. I use 2 feet when wind is blowing. When I kick the tranny into 1st I leave the left foot up there.

    A beginner should always stop and put both feet down. IMHO.
    Starting off will be a matter of preference, but I would try to get in the habit of starting off with left foot on the peg. And practice right foot up and on brake for hills. Two foot take off when a turn will be right off the go.
  10. Joyflyin

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    I had read in a post a few months ago that it was better to leave the bike in gear when stopped to be ready if you have to make any kind of evasive action. I thought it was a good idea, (if you are stopped & see something happening behind you, someone not stopping, etc). I used to always stop with the bike in neutral, but now I don't do it so much now, just in case. May have been what led me to put in the ez pull clutch. But, as for one foot down or two, I guess it depends on where I am, I seem to do what ever is comfortable at the time.