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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I saw a terrible accident today right in front of my eyes I was sitting at a red light A biker got "T-BONED He went flying off the bike 09 Dyna Glide Bike was all twisted up It happened so fast Young teenage girl went right through the Red Light She was driving a newer Lexus She couldn't be much older then 19

    I pulled over to assist he was not wearing a helmet Blood ran down his face and head I kept him still called 911 waited for an ambulance Police showed up in a matter of minutes Thank the lord he was still alive After the ambulance took him away I really started having thoughts of giving up ridding What a scary situation
    I have been riding bikes since I was 16 now (59) I have laid down bikes a few times but this really gave me a wake up call

    Anyone else have second thoughts after witnessing any motorcycle accidents

    Ride Safe
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    Never thought of giving up riding or driving,and with the amount of driving I have done over the years I have administered a lot of first aid to car ,truck and bike drivers
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    No doubt it's crazy out there. Cages just don't pay attention. I saw a few up close accidents and have had a few friends get critically injured and have felt what you are feeling right now but somehow, it seems to go away and off I go riding into the sunrise/ sunset but driving with more caution.
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    Ihope i dont overstep my bounds i have no ridding exp new to ridding this year and that would scare anybody into second guessing.but he could have been on a ten speed or a cage? would you feel the same .When its your time its your time .We all should do what we enjoy.iam sorry you seen that but keep your head up .hope i did not afent anybody but can feel the pain in that post.
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    I went on a group ride with about 40 other bikes for a local children's charity in September of 2007. I had been riding my Sportster for about 6 months. Had one of those bad feelings the minute we pulled out of the parking lot but I hung with the group anyway. About an hour into the ride, on a beautiful 2 lane stretch of road, a car driven by a teenager rear ended an SUV waiting to turn left, spinning it right into the middle of our group. Two riders killed in around the 10th position or so. I was about number 15. I can still see and hear those few seconds whenever I stop to think about it, which is as little as possible.

    I was trembling the whole 45 minutes it took to get home, had a real heart to heart with my wife, and also thought long and hard about selling the bike. Bottom line we arrived at was that those guys were killed through absolutely no fault of their own - we were doing nothing wrong. It could have happened just as easily if I was rolling down that road in my Volvo. There's danger in every aspect of our lives if you look for it. Have any of us stopped flying, going to the post office, eating Halloween candy, etc. People have died from all of those things.

    Motorcycling is something I love and I will not give it up because inattentive drivers make it deadly. I do take the time to reflect and be thankful every time I sit on my bike and start it up. I do ride 100% of the time as if I'm invisible. I do tend to avoid large group rides.

    Park your bike for awhile if you must and really deal with your feelings. Only you will know when it's time to ride again, if ever.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for stopping and helping. You did everythig you could to help. On the riding thing, you need to make a decision you are comfortable with. Seeing something like that is difficult to deal with.
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    You did the right thing to stop and help. While I live a fairly safe lifestyle, I did SCUBA for about 25 years. I gave it up because I began to feel unconfortable when I dove. Truth be told, it was more a safety issue when I decided to pack it in and sell my gear.

    You have to work out your feelings towards riding. The advice that the group has given about "when it's your time..." is well put. You can meet your end walking out of your front door. Things on 4 wheels and those on 2 or 3 simply don't mix well. You can take the biggest bike built, and if it gets into a contest with a Yugo, the bike will loose. I am always mindful of cars, particularly at intersectons. I also do quite a bit of riding on back roads, which apparently is a thought shared by a lot of other bikers, because I pass a whole lot of them each outing. Good luck, God bless and I hope the decision you make brings you peace....

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    I am sorry to hear you had to witness such a horrible accident. I have to agree with all the others here when its our time we will go, if we were afraid everytime we stepped outside our homes that we might be in a accident and our life taken then we would never leave home we could very possibly be taken just standing on a street corner minding our own business. Don't give up what you love doing
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    Bill. That is a terrible accident to witness. But back in October, my in-laws picked up their new 2008 bike, 48 miles on it. 2 blocks from their home they were rear ended at a stop sign from a driver who was texting at the time going 35 mph. They were propelled into the intersection and luckily the other car who was going through it stopped. They were injured, father in-law back problems and mother in-law leg and ankle injuries. Lucky they were both wearing helmets because both were damaged.

    This past January, they received a new bike, they both healed up very well and both were very nervous getting back on the bike. But after riding for 30+ years, it's not just a hobby for them, but a way of life. The first few rides, we couldn't go past the intersection and they were very nervous. I rode with them and maintained a good buffer for other cars behind us until they felt more comfortable.

    Now, they are back on the road enjoying it all over again and they are planning thier annual 2 week long trip to the Smokeys this summer.

    Only you can determine what's best for you.

  10. nolafishr

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    Sorry to Hear that you had to Witness such a Bad Accident, You did the right thing by Helping the Guy, I have not Witnessed a Bad Acident Myself and I am sure it would give me feelings about not Riding for a while. I see too many of these Young Kids on the Road that Pay no attention to anything or have respect for anyone, more needs to be done about this because it is getting worse, I have learned to slow down when on the Road, I always watch My Mirrors and keep My Eyes Open when on the Bike and when in My Truck I give the Bikers Respect because I also Ride!