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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Doc Ultra, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Doc Ultra

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    I know that the HD heated gear is made by Gerbing. I have a couple of questions for anyone here that might know the answers.

    Is the HD gear the same as the newer technology microwire Gerbings? ie: are the HD gloves the new Gerbing T5's?

    Is the warranty any different depending on whether I buy from HD or from Gerbing?

  2. Fatboy 07

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    I had occasion to talk directly to a Gerbing rep. a few weeks ago and ask him about the micro wire technology and whe the HD stores did not have same in their stock. His answer was that HD MOCO did not want the new micro wire used in their HD gear made by Gerbing.

    I do not know why and neither did he. I and the wife both have the HD Gerbing gear and we just purchased hers in September of last year.

    So if you are interested in the micro wire technology (I would also prefer same), you will have to go directly to Gerbing. Another thing I like about the Gerbing version over the HD version is the docking station (where you plug the wiring from the various clothing into), as HD gear has wires hanging on the inside of the vest/jacket and on the sleeves.

    Hope this helps.
  3. cowboywildbill

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    As far as I know most of the harley stock is the last generation. Some dealers may have the new micro wire, but I am not sure. The T-5 gloves are the new Gauntlet style micro wire and are great. There are a few dealers that sell Gerbings and not just the HD Gerbings gear.
    If you go to the Gerbings web sight Gerbing's Heated Clothing // The World's Warmest Clothing! you can find a dealer nearest you, and sometimes that would be a power sports dealer or different brand of Motor cycle Dealer such as Honda or BMW.
    If you are Law Enforcement, they have a discount program for that.
    If you are going to buy I would sugest getting the microwire clothing. It heats faster and you cant feel the wires in the heating elements at all.
    As far as I can tell the HD brand cost as much or more than buying it direct from Gerbings. Also if you are interested in pant's liners, I would suggest that you spend the extra money and buy the Extreme armor heated over pants. They are easy to put on and take off. But not bulky. You only have to wear jeans or whatever pants you normally wear under them. Not that there is anything wrong with the heated pants liner's that they sell, but you have to put them on and then put your pants over top, and depending on the weather and rain you still might have to wear a rain suit or chaps.
    You will see all of thier products on their web sight. The jacket liners are nice and I have one and I also have the extreme over pants and an extreme jacket. This stuff is warm and not bulky and uses thinsulate. It is warm even if you aren't heating it.
    If a dealer near you doesn't have what you need in stock and you have to have it right away, "Like me" Ha Ha", then you can contact Gerbings direct at 800-646-5916, and they will ship it to you.
    And No I'm not a saleman, I just think it is the best gear I have ever used.
    I rode this afternoon the temp was 14 and the wind chill was 8 degrees and I was perfectly comfortable at 55 mph, The wind was gusting at over 60 mph and a constant 45 mph wind. So on the Highway the wind chill was probably below zero. You have to try it to believe it. If your going to any of the International Bike shows, they might have a Gerbings booth there. They do go to a lot of shows and such.Just a thought. Hope that helps with your question. I didn't mean to ramble, but I always do. "Gee maybe that is why my wife act's like she is hard of hearing" LOL "Ha Ha" Take care.
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    Sorry you asked about the warranty and I forgot to comment on the about it. I am going out on a limb here but, I think the warranty is the same on HD.
    I do know that on the Gerbings it's lifetime on any of the electrical and the heating elements and ??one year on the clothing.
    The web site should tell you, and you can email them and ask. They are very prompt in answering. If your near Md you can check out
    Heated Clothing - Authorized Gerbing Dealer. Good luck.
  5. XjetCaptain

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    Nice write up Cowboywillbill. I agree with you 100%. I've rode down as low as 39 but not as cold as you.

    One thing you didn't address is your head/face and feet. What do wear when riding at 14 (oh..that's cold!)
  6. Doc Ultra

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    Wow. Thanks for the great answers.
  7. larryjmiller

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    I like the Gerbing idea. Thinking about getting them myself. The BMW dealer has them in stock to try for proper sizing. Most of the guys (that don't have chattering teeth) in the local HOG chapter wear heated clothing especially on the early morning rides.

    CowboyWildBill, who sells the Extreme overpants? Are they waterproof? Do you need a third controller?
  8. Wayne R

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    When riding in the cold I bought a face mask from a Honda dealer its made out of the type material that wicks the sweat away from your body, looks like a ski mask but light material works good, I also bought the heated socks from gerblings, Still dont like riding in the cold!
  9. cowboywildbill

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    Glad I could help,
    I wear a super sear half shell it's almost a 3/4 shell police helmet.
    I put the neck fleece on it and I wear either a Warmskin head and face mask.
    I got it at eBay Store - Cyclebitz: Powerlet, Warm Safe, Cruise Assist. They sell them at most bike retailers and leather shops. It is thin but warm and covers your face nose forehead and neck. It doesn't interfere with your helmet. You may have to let your chin strap out just a little anytime you wear something additional on your head.
    Then if it's really brutal out I'll wear a pair of goggles over that. Make sure you get it covering everything. The only problem is foggging when you have them on over part of the mask. Your warm breath finds it's way up under the goggles. Sometimes I wear a Nomex Firefighter hood. I sewed the top of the chin just a little so it will go over my nose if I want. I like the nomex because I can pull it off my face while riding and pull it over my head and have it just around my neck. The Warmskin is very tight and you pretty much have to take it off your head if you want your face out. The Extreme pants and coats are water proof or at least as good as rain gear. If your riding in 30 or below I would go with the outer gear and not the liners that they sell. And you don't need a third controller just the dual contral that they sell runs every thing. The nice thing is everything is coaxial and everything plugs into each other. Socks or innersoles plug into the Pant's to jacket and jacket to gloves
    You can get the liners and or extreme outer gear from Gerbings direct.
    Or from Heated Clothing - Authorized Gerbing Dealer. or call 301-831-0791.
    Hope that helps. Stay warm and ride safe.
  10. bikerfishman

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    As far as the connectivity of the Grebing heated clothing the jacket or jacket liner has what is called a PDU (power distribution unit) basically 2 inputs and a output,(2 male and 1 female) the 2 males are for incoming power to the jacket and gloves, the jacket and liner are wired to power ports that come out of the sleeves. If not using a controller you will need a y adaptor so you can run both of those males off one cable going to the battery.
    I bought the dual controller so I could have more power to the gloves and less to the jacket since I have a fairing.
    The female is to connect to the pants or pant liner, which intern has little zippered pockets like the jacket that the heated insoles can be plugged into. Or you can forget the pants and run the supplied cable from the jacket to the insoles if you do not wish to were the pants, as I do since I have the Willie wings on the fairing and fairing lowers, but on bikes with out them and temps below 40 I would do the full meal deal.
    I have ridden in 20 degree temps at 70 mph with a smile on my face.
    Oh ya if you have the jacket (I bought a older union ridge on a close out sale)
    you can put the collar up and with a full face helmet my face stays warm to,
    but since I hate helmets in general I think I am going to get one of those modular types that the front opens.
    Just thought I would put my 2 cents in since I ride all year and am also new to heated gear. The stuff is priceless.
    My only gripe is that the pants and liners should have 2 male inputs like the jacket so I could run another dual controler between the pants and insoles, the only way to do it currently is to run the long wire that comes with the insoles down your leggs inside of your pants then run a second controler, I say this since my feet do not allways agree with my legs just as fingers and my upper body,