Fuel mileage and oil temp questions (HELP)

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tmilam, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Bought an 08 Electra Glide Ultra in April. The bike is 100% stock. Only getting about 30mpg. Heard of some owners getting high 30-low 40mpg. Thinking I should have keep the Goldwing with 42mpg on regular unleaded.

    Also installed Dakota Digital gauges that has an oil temp to replace the factory air temp. What should the oil temp run? Mine runs about 250deg and have seen 260
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    Oil temp will vary with each bike.
    Dependant on time of the year, type of riding (city/highway) wind, speed, etc.
    As long as the bike runs fine, I wouldn't be concerned.The only reason you're "concerned" is you now have an oil temperature guage to give you a reading.
    Millions of Harley's out there without an oil temp guage and they are running just fine.
    On a trip to California, (through the desert and mountains) I was able to monitor my oil temp with my Marlin's Oil Temp Guage. (I also replaced the air temp guage with a guage that was useful.)
    As long as it ran in the same range, I was happy. Just getting used to the bike and the guage.

    Fuel mileage.... that will depend on so many variables. Speed, roads. wind, etc.....
    Fuel mileage can be improved but it will take some extra work. Bikes from the factory are so restrictive (EPA.)

    A/C change, exhaust, tuner.... need new plugs?
    The bikes are fun to work on and improve.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Here's a chart of Dino oil effectiveness. Synthetic is higher, I don't worry if my Mobil1 20/50 sees 330 deg. for a short time. In 80+ temps. my '07's oil is about 240 on the highway, spikes in stop and go. '07 E.G.Classic with my 220 lbs. was about 42-44 mpg, bone stock. With cams, exhaust, A/C and a TFI to add some more fuel it's 40-42 mpg highway. Your mileage is very low.

    Chart downloads, but won't show. 250= 100%, 260=78,270=55 280=38,300=11
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    I'm with Pete. 11 FLTRX...stage 2, Dobeck Gen 3 , Gutted cat, Supertrapp cans...40-42...less if the right hand gets happy.:D
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    Thanks guys. Talked to the tech at my local shop. He said the mileage could be tied to a faulty O2 sensor.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    That tech makes sense. The 02 sensors do the AFR changing... The 02 sensors are not too pricy. (22$ area)

    I did have to put a new one in my 09 a while back.

    Stock 96 and normal riding I Expect 40-45 with it.

    Use no less than mid to high octane in it. Listen for ping. None using Mid Grade, You are Golden...
    DON'T Lug the bike, keep it Happy, they will get better mileage Breathing Some..Do not Let HD talk you into a FLASH Tune... EPA regulated just like it is now.. Waste of $$...

    Remember IT IS Air cooled and That only happens when the bike is MOVING...:rofl

  7. hillbilly81

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    Yeah a bad o 2 sensor will knock the heck out of your mileage
  8. Bodeen

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    What ever you do don't go back to the Goldwing! Sorry, thats the only good advice I can give on this subject. :D
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    That is some very good advice.
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    Pulled up the diagnostics on the Dakota Digital Gauges. Got codes P0132 and P0152. 132 is the front O2 and 152 is the rear O2 both are codes for HIGH O2 reading.

    Change the sensors and ride on? Or could something else be amiss?

    Thanks for the help guys.