Front Turn Signal Relocation

im hoping that you all can help me with moving my front turn signals off my handlebars down to my forks. my local dealership says theres a kit but they cant tell me whats in it, how it looks, or whats involved un less i buy the thing. i like my lights, i just want them on my forks and i dont want them to stick out. i want them to sit as close to the forks as possible.
i hope theres just a clamp mount that the light assy just fits on too. can anyone help? :smell
Should be a mount that goes on to the triple tree or around the upper fork tube and you re route the wires.Nothing to high tech here.

Got a part number for the kit?
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Yes. The Mount clamps to the fork and the light to the mount.
I have the HD kit on a bike and they stick out about 3 inches from the fork.
hd part number 68517-94a

on the drag spec. mounts does the light stem mount onto that mount?

Looks like this. PN 68517-94A
hey thanks for the pic. those stick out alot more than what im looking for. this is a great example of why this site is so awsome. i almost bought this kit because hd told me this is what i was looking for. i get to keep my money for what i really want. thanks all!!
ive been looking at some mounts on drag specialty. there alittle pricy but there what i want.
THanks. BUt, I think Frankenchoky had found mounts that are a little more compact that the HD mounts as I read the thread. I'm thinking those might be more what I'm looking for.

DId I read the thread wrong?