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Friendly bunch you got here


I have been browsing some other sites to chitchat about bikes and stuff and man at the fowl lauguage and all.And the fights back and forth, never seen such on a forum before.
Ditto very nice forum and group seems like a great kind of crowd to be hanging and swaping stories with.
I really don't like going to a lot of those other forums either basically for all the same reasons that you've mentioned. Plus, I tend to see that a lot of them really don't like letting women into their group which is really sad because I think that there are a lot of women riders out there today.
My husband thinks it is all kids online, I try to explain but you know how that is??He is getting a little better on here, but makes me do a lot of the weeding out.
There are definitely some places where kids hang out but there are also some places where we adults hang out too. I think the key is just figuring out which places are which if you know what I mean LOL (I'm sure you do.)
Hey, not all kids are like that, some can hold inteligent conversations without all the swearing and sex talk. Seriously I know what you mean, why you think I am not hanging with the kids?
Absolutely! I have only been here a couple of days, but think it is great. I haven't heard any fowl language or any fighting. I have been at a few forums where things get pretty heated. I would say this place has a lot of great people. Hopefully we can keep the rif-raf out.
I been gone awhile, back again. I see we have grown quit a bit and more ladies too:) Will be catching up and see what I can find. Yeah, this board is really nice without fights and bad talk.
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I agree that it's nice to go to a forum and see people staying on topic and friendly, there are way too many forums where you have to sift through tons of abusive crap until you get to what you were looking for in the first place.
Yeah I didn't mention that either, staying on topic.Everything looks well maped out here and easy to navigate. See a lot of girls joined lately, maybe that is a help too? What do you guys think?