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Forward controls vs. handling?

I consider myself new to riding. I haven't ridden since 1976 and then it was only for a brief time. I've recently purchased a 1996 Dyna Super Glide and am scheduled for a "riders edge" course at the last of March.
I'm 6'3" and am seriously considering forward controls, I do have highway pegs on my bike. My concern is that I may be giving up some control in exchange for comfort. (I read an article that the mid-controls can aid in bike control, especially at low speeds and in rough terrain)
Thank you for any and all responses
You have a valid point about the mid controls but weigh the odds of forward to mid controls. How many times would you rely on the mids as opposed to the forward controls where you would be more comfortable. These bikes aren't built for off roading to begin with.:D
I think it all depends on the individual. once you get used to forward controls I find just as easy if not easier to control at low speeds. when I get on a bike with mid controls I find that I feel very awkward trying to hold the bike up and control it.
thank you for the replies, I'm now looking forward to my bike with forward controls. Now I just have to finance the deal. Well maybe if Uncle Sam comes through with that tax money they've been talking about I'll just have to do my part for the economy by buying some forward controls.
Thanks again,
Hey there, just wanted to let you know, I'm relatively new (less than 2 yrs on bikes with engines), but I got my Deuce with forward controls and didn't have any problems. I love it, very comfortable and no problems with controls. Years of mountain biking in WV as previous experience, I was wondering about the control issues too. I think you will be okay there.
I hadn't ridden in years, and very at that when I did. I ordered my fat bob with fwd because liked the look better. I was concerned at first about the heaviness and handling, but can tell you that was more or less used to it after about 2 rides. Not even an issue now. By the way, if it helps, I'm 5'11", 175 lbs, so leg length not an issue, perfect fit for me.
My Harley was the first bike I ever had with forward controls so I was a little apprehensive about how it would feel .I am 5'8 and was worried about reach. Well let me tell ya took all of 10 minutes to get used to them and I will never go back to mid control. But thats just my preference. I have a buddy with a Street Bob who swears by his mid controls so always pick on him about the higway pegs he installed.:D
love my forward controls! the only time i have a problem with them is when i get over 110mph,then pant legs start flapping and create a mild high speed wobble