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Foriegn bikes


I hear anti Japanese Talk from Harley riders almost everytime I'm around them and I am around alot of bikers.If you choose to ride one those "Japanese Bikes" you are somehow considered unworthy. Why is that?
Well for me it is that I am a very proud American and I think that with there being an option to ride a bike that is American made that if you are a proud American this is the only bike that you should ride to show your support. Also the Harley's are just a much better bike.
I have ridden a few foreign bikes but none of them have performed the way that a Harley has for me. I love the Harley and love the idea that everyone is so much different from another one.
I have ridden a few different bikes over the years but I have never owned anything other than a Harley. I really don't think that anything rides quite as comfortable as a Harley, so I will stick with them.
I used to ride a Honda so there is not too much that I can say really, other than I like my Harley much better than I liked the Honda that I had. I was kind of surprised how the Honda really did not hold its value the way that I thought that it would.
I say to each his own but I just try to buy American also in my cars my bike or whatever.Nothing can compare to a HD no matter what brand.I will not knock someones choice but I pick Harley.
We like to tease ones in our group that ride foriegn but at the end of the day we are all still friends.Can't help it we have the best bike of them all now can we?
I've owned three metric motorcycles in the past and this time around I figured it was time for a change so I went Harley and started with a Sportster and then recently bought the RK. Nothing wrong with anyone who wants to ride a jap bike for whatever reason be it they are generally cheaper to obtain or presumably more technically advanced (I'm not necessarily saying they are) but now that I have the Harley I wouldn't go back.

Just as an aside...I remember this past summer I was at an Esso self serve gas station and pulled up behind a car that was at the pump ahead. I got out of my F150, put the fuel nozzle into the filler neck and was just kinda looking around and noticed the fellow with the car ahead had on a Harley-Davidson jacket then I happened to look closer at his car and yup there it was "TOYOTA". Just thought it was kinda amusing.