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    Good Morning The gauges on my 08 ultra fog up when I wash the bike, try to cover gauges but that is impossible. The glass on the gauges has water stains on the inside, can the gauge glass be removed & cleaned. If so can the gauge & glass be sealed (silicon or O ring) to make them water tight. Thanks
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    This has been discussed many times. Try a search for the topic.

    They fog up and there's not much can be done.
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    Make sure you're not blasting hose water directly at your gauges or any other "sensitive" areas. Wiping with a damp cloth is perfectly adequate in this area. Not much you can do about the water stains that are already there. Future fogging - park it in direct sunlight for a bit and it should clear up.
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    I have the same problem on my Road Glide. It seems worse than my Softail was, perhaps the first owner of my RG was not as careful about washing. I didn't like the Dakota Digital gauges. So I had planned just to live with it till I saw an article on a bagger in American Bagger with Klock Werks gauges.

    They are made by Auto Meter for Klock, they are a little pricey, but they look super and one of my buds has Auto Meters in his roadster. It has been in the rain many times and the gauges show no fogging.

    Sometimes I think we put up with too much (EDIT) from the motor co. The devil is in the details and although they make a great product overall there are always a few things that don't live up to the quality as they should.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    My fuel guage is acting really stupid now. I am wondering if it has had enough moisture in it to cause it to spike to full and empty. It is not just swinging around,it is like spiking right to full and then right to empty and everwhere in between. I pulled the full sender the other day and checked it with an ohm meter and it sweeps nice and smooth across from full to empty. I took the ground wires and cleaned them but still the same. I am thinking that my problem is the guage.

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    Did you use a "digital" meter? Many have an "averaging circuit" to prevent the characters from flipping between digits, so it may not show the noisy rheostat (variable resistor sending unit). Just for curiosity, is the sender "immersed" in the fuel and how is the wiring routed?

    Reason I asked is HD recently came out with a "Digital" fuel guage inside the replacement master cylinder cap. The sender and wiring is shown as replacing the existing "idiot light" sender, but no actual picture of the installation as to how it is fitted in the tank or the wire routing. Only that they have cable ties and molex type plugs and single orange wire to be spliced in.
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    Once in a blue moon on my 98 RK I would get the foggy speedo, sunlight and it dries out, but now on my new 09 SG, get it all the time :( sunlight does the trick, but I agree with many, we shouldn't have to put up with it, especially with the price we pay for our scooters.
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    Every day here in Florida moisture is going to get in it always has with H D gauges let her sit in the sun this will help unless it is stained inside
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    I was able to get mine replaced under HD warranty for this very reason.
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    That's a great dealer.:s