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    Anyone remember when there used to be Harley Servicar bikes for sale that had been converted into hardtail two wheel motorcycles? I just had an urge today to look for one to buy and I can't find any. They were 45 inch flathead motors with sportster-like 4 cams and a reverse gear in the tranny. Seems like they had a short primary like the old FXR bikes and the current touring bikes have. I got an urge to buy one today and now it seems they are no longer around.

    Also, I am new here and I notice there are icons before the threads. Some are envelopes. Some are envelopes on fire. Some are orange envelopes on fire. Can someone let me know what that is all about? Thanks.
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    Part three is, welcome to the forum!
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    This is interesting.

    How do I know when there is a comment to me? How do I know if I make a comment somewhere else and someone replies to me? How do I know when they reply? So far all I'm doing is coming back to this website and looking at my post to see what is there. Isn't there a better way?

    Is there a "wanted" section anywhere? I can't find it if there is. Apparently there are not too many people on this website that like to talk about the old old bikes...or maybe I am just not that well known and they are avoiding me.

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    welcome to the forum!! there is still a few of the guys who talk and know of the old bike very well. you just need to wait a bit,but they will reply...if you have a look at some of the older threads you will see what i am talking about. enjoy the forum it's the best on the net and we all enjoy....knowledge of all models on here

    once again welcome to the forum
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    HECK NO, I'm not willing to spend that much!

    That's why I specified a SERVICAR, not a prewar antique 2 wheeler. Servicars were made well into the 1970s and used to be a dime a dozen.
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    Servicars show up on Tucson's Craigslist now and then. I believe there is one available right now, but has not been relisted for a few days.

    Tucson is a bit on the hot side, in the summer, for flatheads. Too easy to fry exhaust valves around here.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
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    I cant understand why any one would chop a Servi-Car when you could by a 45 cheap enough and still have the 3 speed with reverse if you wanted
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    I never said I wanted to chop a servicar. I said I wanted to buy one ALREADY chopped. I do not want reverse. That is just the way they come. There was a time when the cheapest running fully functional Harley you could find was an old well used servicar. People used to buy them and chop them to a hardtail two wheeler. Then after awhile, the cheapest running Harley you could find was an old servicar that had already been chopped into a two wheeler.

    I was surfing the net looking at older bikes I could turn into a project when I noticed the old kick-only FX models are going pretty cheap. Then I started to remember when you could pick up an old servicar that had already been chopped for very cheap. So I started to look around for those to compare how much cheaper they were than an old kick-only FX. I couldn't find any. Not even one.

    That got me wondering where they all went. So I started looking for Harley discussion boards to see if there is anyone still talking about the old servicars that had been turned into choppers. Hence, I joined this site to throw the question out there and see what I could find out.

    So far it seems like nobody has a clue what I'm talking about.
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    Nope, not a clue.