First Cold Ride Of The Season

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by WHM1, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Wife and I woke up Saturday to a beautiful carolina blue sky Saturday morning and decided we needed to ride. Temperature Friday night dipped down to around 35 degrees, cold for us this time of year. The forecast was to warm up to maybe 70 and decided being cold for the start was worth while. I put on my chaps which I have not worn for at least two years and a NorthFace vest under my leather Harley jacket. Nothing like North Carolina on a cool crisp morning and decided to ride up to Andy Griffin's town of Mayberry N.C. (actually Mount Airy) The TV show has made this little town famous and the downtown of Mt. Airy is a very vibrant old fashion little down. There is not a vacant or empty store front and on any Saturday there is always a crowd there. We had decided to eat at Snappy's Lunch to enjoy their famous pork-chop have to try it, and yes you will have to stand in line to get in... there is ALWAYS a line but moves very quickly. Next door to Snappy's you will find Floyd's Barber Shop... still a real shop and was open and cutting hair. Looks just like the one you see on TV. Next door to Floyd's is Opie's Candy Store with all the candies you remember as a kid by can not find any longer. After lunch we took off the chaps and a few layers and took a long route home and enjoyed the very nice fall colors and small towns. This was one of the best all day rides we have taken this year and once home total 260 miles. America is still beautiful you just have to get out of the large towns to see it !!
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    LOL, did you see the VW Boys? I've heard of the famous pork chop sandwich, but haven't had the pleasure to try it yet. I'm working on it though. :D Sounds like a great day.
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    "Nothin could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning.........." Ooops, forgot here I am sitting on a cold dark and DAMP night in Scotland. Would be OK if the weather was dry, buuuuuuut when the water stops falling out the sky at this time of year it starts pushing its' way up through the tarmac bringing all the salt the gritters throw down. We do get the occasional cold day when the roads stay dry and salt free, so its' thermals on and off we go. Will be in New York next May (can't wait) for a week, I have some folks over there, the wife will (no doubt) want to go shopping, and I hope to get to a HD dealer at least and maybe a 1 (or 2) day rental just for the flavour of it all:D I read a post like the above and wish I had more opportunities to get to the US of A.
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    Sounds like a nice trip! I live in Virginia, but never made it down to Mt. Airy. It's been real nippy the past week -- in the 30s in the morning, and making me bundle up in several layers if I want to ride to work.

    I'm looking for a daylong getaway -- Mt. Airy might be just the ticket!
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    I admit my envy to you good southern USA riders, for having some pretty nice weather to scoot around in. Here, along the west side of Michigan in "lake effect" territory most of us have put our babies in storage. Please keep these sort of articles coming, as it helps to soften the gray, gloomy winter duldrums associated with living here. I'm planning to ride my 09 EGC to DC next season, along with trips to OK, TX and points west ... come the warm weather. :D Wouldn't it be great to tour certain countries in Europe?!! Welcome Scotland, to NYC when you come. Peace all. :newsmile053:
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    my bikes in bed for winter -1 and foggy time to get my big trail bike out:(
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    Love to read posts like this, keep them coming.:D
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    WHM1..I am so jealous.I am indoor bound for health reasons and if that is not enough we just got 10 inch's of snow last night.That ride sounds like alot of fun.Hopefully I will be able to get a chance to travel down there and enjoy all that the south has to offer.
  9. Mattman4403

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    That is a great day. Out in the moring, a great lunch and then home the long way. I am in Northern Ohio so also liad up for winter so keep em coming.
  10. harley50glide

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    :small3d004:Luv to here someones still riding out there it was minus 7 here yesterday and we got plenty of snow to boot.My scoot been resting a lil while now,i just got a tuneup body wise been stuck in house for few days,cant wait till spring!!!!Why i live in cold weather is beyond me?