Finally Got to Ride!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by gasbag, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. gasbag

    gasbag Active Member

    After over a month of freezing temps, 2 feet of snow and then flooding I finally got to go out for a short ride. I bought it two days before the bad weather came so this is only the second time I have been on it.

    It got up to 45 degrees today and the sun was actually out. I forgot what the sun looked like. It's going to take the rest of the day to wipe this silly grin off my face. It is going to be a great summer.............:small3d026:
  2. 2002SilverSurfer

    2002SilverSurfer Active Member

    From a fellow Heritage owner...congrats and enjoy all the many rides still to come.....January is half over....February will be gone before we know it and March will start bringing in the bearable temps and then Spring will be up on least here in Northern Virginia....
  3. sharpscuba

    sharpscuba Banned

    gasbag lucky you.Here today it was like -10 below.Tonight and for the next two days it is going to be somewhere like -35 to-45 below with the wind chill.They say that this is going to be the coldest it has been in ten years here.We already have more snow than last year at this time and we broke a record.Sure wish that I could slip out of this and go south for the rest of the winter.Hey lanser what is it like in palm bay right now?
  4. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    I took a ride today, but it was not the hot temperatures that you endured, It was a brisk 26 here. I really just took it out for a quick run to get all the fluids moving. I did learn one thing, I will not be doing anymore quick rides until March..
  5. Bud White

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    glad ya got out 12 degrees was the high today so no riding here and snowing
  6. Davidw2415

    Davidw2415 Senior Member

    Well I got t ride today also;but only out of necessity. I went and bought oil and a filter to change the oil in my truck for the first time. I came home got out the tools ,popped the hood, removed the oil filler cap, crawled under and drained the oil then went to remove the filter DOHHH! I didn't have the right size filter wrench. so being all the way up to 27 degrees and fairly windy I must say I had a rather chilly ride to Harbor freight.
    But I least I got to ride, only if it was only a couple of miles. Oils well that ends well.
  7. steve299

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    I just can't wait for a day soon when it isnt raining or I am not working so I can get my bike out. I agree with the statement above at least I get to look at it alot.
  8. Twisted Grip

    Twisted Grip Banned

    Man I feel for you guys up in the northern states, don't know how you do it!
    I had the chance back in 1992 to move out of northern New Jersey, I have not looked back! Miss the food, family and friends.
    I love Georgia and would never go back. We still get a change of seasons but there are times we get some snow (Not like you guys, trust me) and ice storms along with the rain but we do get worm days that we can jump on and take a ride. No need to winterize the bike, just keep the battery tender on and wait for the warm dry day.
    As Steve299 said, we have had our share of rain but our lakes really do need it.
    We are going to have the cold front from the north heading our way, 22* tomorrow and 13* on Friday. Time To plug in My diesel trucs!
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  9. twicecam

    twicecam Active Member

    65 and sunny no wind in San Antonio the low was 29
  10. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    Don't know about North Jersey, but down here in the cape it is really not so bad. This week is supposed to be cold, but three weeks ago I was riding in 60* temps. I have not really even had the heat on till now. The last few years the winters have been mild and temps were roughly in the 50's, I think last year we had a total of 4" of snow. We really only have two cold months, Jan and Feb and March is iffy. I really like the weather here. It is warmer in the winter than the rest of the state and cooler in the summer.