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Favorite way of riding your bike


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I live in rural America and I like to spend a lot of time riding the paved back roads and just putting around. Occasionally, I like to take the freeway to open it up and blow some of the carbon out.
I like the back roads too. Too much traffic and people wanting to make time just upset me when they don't take into consideration the safety of bikers.
I too enjoy the back roads as they are about the only things to ride on where I live. The closest I am to an interstate is 30 miles. I too have yet to take my Heritage on the interstate but probably will in the future. And as was said before, there are a lot of nuckleheads on the road that don't pay attention to bikes coming at them or sitting at an intersection waiting to pull out in front of me (had my share of close calls). But the serenity of back road riding can't be beat. Just have to be careful no matter where we ride.
i like all kinds of road just bepends on the mood when i get back i want to do deals gap it not to far from where i live now. I do like freeways when i am in a hurry to get somewhere or just want to haul ass.
Ill run I-40 and I-540 around Raleigh sometimes to get a cheap thrill weaving in and out of traffic but most time I ride back roads and ocassionaly tear it up, fast in the curves. I like to make it talk to me.
My favorite way to ride is daily!! :laugh
I favorite place to ride is "destination unknown" wanderin' through beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains, or anywhere I haven't already been in the continental USA !!!:42: