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Favorite All Time Classic Harley


What's you favorite all time classic Harley. Mine's the 1974 FL Shovel. Of course I do like at old iorn head sportster as well!
'74 Iron Head Sportster. I like 'em rigid and loud! Gotta be a kicker though. None of that (Edit) electric startEdit!
Amen! Nice to see you here too Redneck! Missed you on the other forum.
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MY favorite Classic (other than my 72 shovel) would be either a 1972 Night Train or a 1981 Sturgis.
1977-'79 XLCR. Wanted one in High School and wish I could find one some day. Only 9 were produced in 1979 but my pop wouldn't buy me one for graduation.:17: The Cafe Racer was so advanced for it's time.:rider
Mine is the 99 FXR (CVO)in arresting red. It was by far the best model made. Resembled the bagger frame of today and was a great handling bike.


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My favorite, 1969 900cc XLCH Sportster.Man she had it going "ON" !!!!!! Looks,sound, and power.''Tuff edit bike" !!!!! HI-Tek Rednek:42:
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My favorite is the one I'm getting ready to go ride with the misses - a 2007 Heritage Classic! :hii