Fatboy for my first ride?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by WildPowerPlay18, Aug 10, 2008.

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    I was wondering if I could get some input on whether I should purchase a Fatboy for my first bike. I have been wanting to get a bike for several years now and it is a fatboy that I really want. I have no experience on a bike before but I will be taking classes before I purchase one. I have heard that beginners should start out on a smaller bike and work their way up, but I think that I can learn on the bike that I really want. I'm 34 years old, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, so I think I can handle the Fatboy. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bud White

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    buy what ya want or you will be unhappy later .. i had no real road exp before i bought my road king so it was my first on road bike.. a Fat Boy would be a fine first ride i think it was a toss up between a Fat boy and a Road king for me
  3. ramnj

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    Get the Fat Boy if that's the bike you want. I just got back to riding bikes after not riding for about 18 years and got a great deal on an 05 Fat Boy. Its a great bike and you will enjoy it a lot.

    If you get a bike that you really didn't want or like, you will be very unhappy.
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    My first bike was a Fatboy. I got it when I was 51. I found it to be a very easy bike to ride. Go for it!!
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    I'll go with everyone else - get the Fatboy since it is your dream bike.

    Definitely take a rider's course, either the MSF or Harley's are great. Then the same advice to anyone climbing on their first bike, no matter what size - take it slow and easy and practice, practice, practice what you leaarned in the course.

    Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of two wheeled fun! :cheers
  6. biscuit

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    I'm almost hesitant to disagree,but am willing to cop any vitriol dished out.

    Totally agree with all suggestions about taking riding courses and advanced training.However,i think you should buy a smaller bike and use that to gain experience.A large trail bike or a mid weight road bike.You dont have to keep it forever,just long enough to prove that motorcycling is for you and you'll feel much more secure on a far lighter bike.As you've not ridden before,this is a sensible option.

    By all means buy yourself a Fatboy,or buy whatever you want(or can afford),but only after YOU feel competent in what you're doing.You are at your greatest risk in your first 12 months.

    Ride safe.
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    You are going to hear many opinions as responses to you post. Some will say "go for it" and some will say take it slow and grow into it (the Fatboy). Only you can make that decision. Most everyone else here is ALREADY riding.

    So my opinion: take the riders course. Evaluate how you feel about you ability after the course. THEN RENT. Many dealerships around the country will rent bikes and make you buy their full insurance when you do. It is not cheap, but cheaper than making a mistake once you have shelled out a lot of pesos. Rent several different types of bikes - Sportsters, Dynas, Springers, soft tails, RKs and EG. That way you will have something to really compare from.

    Once you feel YOU are ready, by all means "go for it".

  8. whatyardwork

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    I am also 6 feet 200ish{those boots wiegh alot you know}.A Fat Boy will be perfect for your size.Even though its relatively heavy,the softtails sit lower than most comporable scoots offering exceptional stability when parking or backing up.You will find most of your close calls happen at slow speeds.Also the highway bars which look odd on other models are a natural fit on the Fatboy and will save your butt in the event of an oops.I agree a riding course is a good thing but can only assume most of the people who highly recomend them are eighther under 6ft. or never actualy tried to ride a Rebel 250.At 6ft. its kinda like a monkey and a football scenario.If you take a course..Take the advanced version on the bike you purchase.You'll get more out of it and wont bruise your knees.
  9. fatboy29

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    I am 5'7" 165 pounds. with no previous riding experience. I purchased a 1999 Fatboy and have been very happy. It would be a great ride to purchase.
  10. otter1958

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    My wife is 50 aonly 5'-2" took the riders training and we got her an 03 Fat Boy she now has logged over 3000 miles and rides like a pro. The key for her was taking the riders class and training as she never rode a bike before that. If you can reach the ground any bike will work, just take it easy at first side rods etc.