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Fat Bob windshield ????


I recently bought a brand new Fat Bob and I am at odds with settling on which windshield. Anyone out there seen either of the two available and what's your thoughts?? I am looking for that happy medium between effectiveness and looks. Thanks in advance for the input.
My neighbor put the low profile on his Fat Bob and I think he wishes he had the standard height.

I don't think it looks bad at all but then I run a standard height on my Wide Glide.

It keeps most of the wind off your upper body but I seem to get more helmet shake than I did without the shield. I did find the relections off the chrome or lights a little distracting at first but don't really notice it now.

I cannot say it looks better with the shield on because it doesn't but in my case I prefer the function more than the look. I have yet to take it off.
JMO but I had the low profile on my last bike and it really didn't do much other than change the direction of the wind. The RK has the standard (taller) one on it and it is very useful. If you are adding the windshield, get the one that works and not the one for looks. You can use the quick disconnect hardware to remove it for warmer days or when you don't want the protection.
I totally agree with glider. Any bike you put a quick disconnect type windshield on simply looks better without the shield, IMO. Choose the shield that functions the best and don't sweat the looks. Then when the weather's not too cold and you're not going to be at freeway speeds for an extended period, leave that sucker at home!!
Thanks for the input. The low profile is currently on order. Guess I'll see how it does. Problem is I just don't want to get stuck with something I don't like and not be able to exchange one for the other.
I bought the low profile for my Fatbob,i think it is the best choice for me. I could see over it,were i think the standard would be too high. The catalog has the measurements from the headlight. You want to be able to look over it. Check the catalog and measure it while seating on the bike.
Got my low profile windshield and I love it. Very happy that it is as effective as I was hoping without compromising looks.


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I put a king windsheild size on my fatboy. I wear a full helmet with full flip down sheild. Before I put the windsheild on at highway speed the wind pressure would push the helmet against my forehead and after about an hour it would give me a headache and when I took the helmet off I would have a big red spot on my forehead. Now I do feel some movement of the helmet , put no more headaches. If you put on a a windsheild you may want to get a guage visor to cut the reflection af the guage on the windsheild at night.