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    Hello all First time posting, great place to learn. I have a 07 dyna low rider and it is my first harley. Going to put on se air intake w/the tfi and some sort of exhaust. Thinking about the Big Radius 2-into1 or the Big Shots Staggered, but not sure for power and noise, anyone have these exhausts and there feed back. Is it wise to get the baffles for the big shots.
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    I think you will find, going with a 2 into 2 exhaust, you will experience more gain from the TFI and A/C then you will from the pipes. Either exhaust set will offer great looks and sound, but not do much to slide your rear-end back in the seat.

    I replaced a set of Rinehart slip-ons with the Vance and Hines Big Shots Staggereds. I loved the look, but they honestly didn't sound as good as the Rineharts. I later changed the standard baffles in the BSS to Big City Thunder baffles. Man, these things bark. I am really pleased with the sound. It is loud and has the "Harley" rumble I was seeking.

    Here's a pic:

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    Hi, I also have a 07 lowrider. Just got around to doing the same upgrade you are doing. I went with rush slipons with 1 3/4 baffles,techlusion TFI and a sreamin eagle stage one a.c. The TFI was a piece of cake to install and even easier to tune. I like the sound I get with the rush slipons (not to loud but still loud enough to let em know your commin)I have only been able to get her out once but I love the jump in performance too. good luck!
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    Put some straight drags on mine with heat shields. It is LOUD!! Don't forget the AR cones. Changed the jets in the CV to give it more juice too. Looks like this:


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    I've been using Big City Thunder baffles in my V&H Straightshots for a few years and have been pleased with the sound and performance. However, I'm now considering going to BCT's quieter version just to tone things down a bit.
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    I have the SE A/C, TFi, and SEII slip-ons. Couldn't be happier with the rumble. It is not too loud and not too quiet.
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    By my signature you know what I have. I like the V&H big shots because they have a "power chamber" welded in between the two pipes which makes them act like a 2 into 1 exhaust. My PC V was easy to install and downloading the fuel map to it was easy. Power Commander's web site had maps for nearly any configuration (combination) of high performance parts you can put on your HD.
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    Here's what I did with my 09 Low Rider

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    To each is own on this one. It's really the riders behind you that get to hear your new pipes. I went with the Krome Werks 3" on my Dyna FatBob. They look identical to the stock pipes which I loved the look. Boy, what a difference. They now know when I coming. Got to keep track now of what cars on my street have alarms. They got the low rumble potato, potato sound I was looking for.
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    i went with the big radius, they sound good but not over powering. my freind did the 2 in 1 thing on his night train it is a completely different sound he likes it better than mine but i dont. of course he was raised up around jap bikes and always had crotch rockets. i was raised up around old shovels with big cams and drag pipes. to each his own.