Exhaust systems YOU like and WHY....$$ cost.... Where bought?

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    This THREAD might be a way to inform ME and others of exhaust qualities of different BRANDS and WHY..(GOOD and BAD)...Are they deep throated - too loud- just right....What model bike they are on...

    Riders have DIFFERENT OPINIONS.... this gives YOU a chance to tell YOUR thoughts....so OTHERS benefit from them...

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    I'll be in the VAST minority but here goes - I've had my bike a year so far and I'm perfectly happy with the stock HD exhaust, sound and performance. I didn't buy my bike to race so the performance is very acceptable for my riding style. I'm not a proponent of LOUD pipes and I listen to the stereo most of the time anyway so I also like the sound level of the stock pipes so far.

    If I were to go in any direction, I liked the quality, tone, and volume of the V&H Monster Ovals I heard at Daytona last October.
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    Had V&H Bigshot Longs on my 07 Heritage and it was loud. After trading for a custom build 08 Ultra with a Motor Trike Kit, I hated the quietness of the stock pipes. Went on a New Years Day ride and there were 4 trikes - two were a husband and wife, one of which was an 07 Ultra with a Motor Trike Kit. Both had Reinhart slip-on's, a fuel management system and increased air flow. The Reinharts sounded great so I went with them on mine - along with a SE Stage 1 air box and Super Racing Tuner. Now it sounds like a Harley.
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    With all the California laws we have against loud pipes, I suppose I should be happy with the stock, Honda-like pipes on my new Street Glide. It runs OK, but I miss the rumble from my Road King, which had Screamin' Eagle 2003 pipes. I'm not a big supporter of "Loud pipes save lives", but I have noticed that the cagers are less aware of me now. Almost ALL after market pipes are illegal here, but most bikers change 'em out anyway. Mostly, the anti-noise laws are only enforced on the loudest, most offensive bikes, which is just fine by me. You can't legislate away noise anymore than you can legislate away crime.:newsmile107:
    Bikers dance to their own music.
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    I've found Vance & Hines Big Shots and the Short Shots to have an excellent balance between depth, tone and volume. They're loud enough, they don't have that snappy sound to them and the tone is nice and deep. If I had a touring bike, I'd have to go with Rineharts.....what a tone and loud as can be, but expensive!! JMO
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    exhaust systems I like LSR 2-1 by RB Racing in CA. quality and fitment excellent unique style and sound all its own , best performence exhaust I ever put on a TC they are on the upper scale when it comes to noise,although they do make a quiet version call the black hole but never ran a set of those, price for the LSR 2-1 is about the same a your big name stamped out brands out their , these are not off the shelf systems they are hand built 4 to 6 weeks wait .
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    I just took my vance & hines ovals off replaced them with vance & hines monsters. Much deeper sound, just as loud but but very deep rumble. sets off my car alarm when I pull up beside it in the driveway. but I like the sound, just right for me.
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    I have V&H true duels on my O8 RG & I love the looks & the sound , they have the crisp snappy sound that I like , they are also a solid pipes not a slip-on so you dont see the clamps & hardware so they look very clean . I also like the true duels because they eleminate the rear cylinder exhaust pipe by your right leg resulting in less heat on your leg & makes for a more comfortable ride IMO . It is said that the true duel system will effect performance but I can,nt notice any . I paid around $ 625 for the true duels . I have no problems hearing the radio but I have the Hog-Tunes speaker & amplifier on my RG , IMO the trouble with hearing the radio comes from the wind noise not the exhaust noise , but my hearing is not as good as it used to be .
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    I've got an 08 Ultra that I got in December of 07 and was in same quandry as you. I really like to listen to the stereo and the lady and i have in helmet communication so that we can chit chat when were cruisin'. The stock pipes were fine but i really wanted a deeper, richer, slightly louder sound and did months and months of research before settling on the V&H Monster Ovals. Santa brought them to me and i had them installed right after Christmas. I also bought the Vance heavy breather (very cool!) and the dealer did the download to the ECU. Drastic change in the power and torque, i was amazed. They are louder but the sound is deep and throaty, not obnoxious though. I couldn't be happier, you should check them out!

    Ride safe and watch out for those cagers...:majesty:majesty:majesty:majesty
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    getting bub straight aways put on my cross bones on tuesday i'll let you know how it sounds