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  1. GimmeFuel

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    A very knowledgeable friend of mine recommended Mobil 1 car engine oil over the Mobil 1 V-twin equivalent. Though, he neglected to mention an oil weight and I can't get a hold of the guy. If one of you folks were to use Mobil 1 car engine oil in your bike, what weight would you use?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    20-50 Motorcycle oil i not the same as car oil Oil - Harley Davidson Community Start here
  3. harley@16

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    First thing I don't think Moble 1 has a 20 50 for cars(that's the weight to use) secondly there is significant difference in air cooled engine oil. I wouldn't recommend it.
    Jack beat me to it
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  4. Breeze3at

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    Mobil1 has a 15w50 oil that is very close to Vtwin. The phosphorous and zinc content is .0004% less (each) than Vtwin. My buddy uses it all the time. I use Vtwin only in my '07. I buy it on sale so I get a good price. The internet is full of reasons to use or not use air cooled oil in your Harley. For the small price difference I prefer the specific oil in my extra hot running twin cam.
    On the flip side, my '92 Evo has never seen anything but Castrol 20w50 car oil. I started using it before I found the internet, and just stick with it. No problems.
  5. Webbtron

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    Probably never know the difference I used 60 wt Valvoline for years, never had all this specialized oil. But I'm no mechanic....There used to be a guy on here that refered to motorcycle engines as tractor motors, I kind of agree. Now the electrical system that I would say the course with.
  6. 90FXRS

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    I have to agree with the rest of the crowd about putting car oil in an air-cooled motorcycle. Personally I run Redline 20-50.
  7. STEVE07

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    I run Bel-Ray full synthetic 15-50 in my 07.I have tried the "other" ones and I find I have too much valve noise for my liking.
    On the 93 evo. I run just about any 20-50 dino oil.
  8. oldhippie

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    M1 15W50 but do your homework on ZDDP levels between the M1 15W50 and M1 VTwin 20W50. I found out the Canadian bottled M1 15W50 doesn't even list it anymore on there MSDS which tells me it's been replaced with some other antiwear. The US bottled still lists the ZDDP in the MSDS.

    I've read on another site where one member has used nothing but the M1 15W50 in his EG and run up a fair mileage without any problems. He also did an oil analysis on his used oil.

    I do use it in mine over winter storage but change it out early to M1 VTwin and just before I plan on a long tour.
  9. R. Lewis

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    remember folks you can put peanut oil in these scoots and run em down the road. But is it good for the inner workings of these $$$$$$$ beasts???
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    I'd do alot of research before I ran car oil in my scoot. I think your best bet is to take the advice of the riders on here with years of experence and stick with a good 20-50 motorcycle oil.:s
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