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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by andivi, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. andivi

    andivi New Member

    I have a 2010 Road King and I want more power.
    The dealer suggest:
    1-the 96ci stage 2
    2-the 110 ci

    I do not think there is a big difference between them in terms of hp or torque.
    I would like to have more horsepower and stay legal (warranty issue).
    Is it possible to have at least 100hp(or more) without spending a lot of dollars?
    I am pretty confused.
    Need help.
  2. mouthful

    mouthful Active Member

    First, Welcome to H-D Talking. What mods have you made since you got your Roadking. We all want more power as they seem to not quite have enough off the floor, but that can be adjusted. Cams, powercommander V with a good download, air filteration set-up, and pipes, all I have done and I am very happy. How far and how much do you wish to spend? Your choice your ride.
  3. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    I went with the stage 1, AC and download, and rush slip ons.
    I wanted a tuner and to get rid of The CAT, which holds back power, and sound. But i didnt want to pay big $$ for having the dealer install.
    With the great advice from the people of this forum, i switched to a 2009 set of headpipes, and went with a GEN3 tuner. Added more power and now i can hear my pipes :D

    I was worried of the warranty as well, but i did what was recommend and asked my service guy, not the parts guy at the dealer, if i put it on would they void my warranty, and they said no. Some dealers may say so, to scare you, but that is illegal, which i found through this forum.

    check this link below, and you will see why i did it

    Dealers And The Magnusson-Moss Act - Harley Davidson Community
  4. andivi

    andivi New Member

    I didn't do any mod yet that's why I am asking. 96ci stage 1 or 110 ci screaming eagle?
    Is is worth it (110ci)? It seems there is no big difference between those two beside the price (almost double the price for the 110ci)
  5. IR Rick

    IR Rick Active Member

    If you plan on changing engine go with the 120R same price as the 110
    Or go with 110 and put the Fullsac upgrades to it

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Welcome to the HDTimeline forum and yes having a new 2010 Road King is a very nice ride from the git go...why not ride it more, before you decide on changing something. Quite often as time goies on your priorities will change...you may ride two-up more...go on longer trips, or just use it for commuting to and from work.

    Let your USE determine the direction you want to go and how much investment you want to fold into the "cost of ownership" as this is a long term "marriage" if you will. Do the routine "NO COST" things like "Break-in Procedure", comfort/fit adjustments, steering neck lube, clean "Pledge" polish and protectant routine so it feels perfect as is...then go over the details as others have suggested...Stage I is common and gives you an extra 12-15HP (or basically 15-18% increase in power for about $2K or so).

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF Mine,,,,, I would get a full stage one FIRST. Exhaust,, full from the head pipes (to rid cats) and to lower back-pressure with better sound YOU like...

    Scream'n eagle air OR similar for more air.

    Then add the TFI for the fuel management.. Gets out the Too Lean condition.

    Now those ARE the Needed things FIRST... You Might like it there.?

    IF That doesn't improve it to a point you are happy,,,, then go to MY next step as I have done,,,, and install SE255 cams..... Now I'm Very Happy.... on my 09 FLHR,,, and will only go 103" when I put some wear on the pistons... (40/50 thousand miles from now) and a little flow on the heads.

    If you still want More,,, THEN you can go Like 103"/or bigger and COMPLETE the engine build and Reap the Harvest... Doing some Head work & flow while heads are Off...

    IF you piece-meal like above, YOU can STOP at a point but Yet have more to complete the Proven build """IT comes from a FULL Proven plan of a BUILD"""... NOT a hodgepodge type that add here then there and nothing works with each succeeding part...
    This combination is a good build and doubt if it would be Un reliable on any TC bike...

    Many have done this build and been happy with the Torque and HP found along the way... Some Stop here and or there to find where they want to be...

    This FULL build comes from ONE OF the PROVEN BUILDS and there are Many others you can follow, depends What you are looking for, type of bike and style of riding, and Where you want the power band to RPM. with Good results and not a BUNCH of Mismatched parts..

    Many proven builds can be found by looking at other bikes and talking to other builders and looking at dyno charts...

    Find what you want and go there,,, not miss-matching parts is the Key so IT will run right when ALL is done......

  8. mouthful

    mouthful Active Member

    The advic NewHd74 and Bubbie give is great stuff. Any way you put your RoadKing together will be right for you. Enjoy it, ride safe.
  9. dboone

    dboone Member

    I bought my 07 SG in Jan. 07 and had the Stage 1 with SE slip on put on it before it came home. I loved it that way for the first 5000 mi. Then I went with the Stage II 103. At 26k I did the whole motor: S & S 106 big bore kit, SE 259E cam , SE Roller Rockers, SE cylinder studs, SE adjustable push rods, Feuling HP lifters, SE Cam support plate, and a set of SE 110 heads. I split the cases and sent the crank out and had the bearings upgraded and the pins welded. I decked the heads by .032" to get 89 cc chamber to for a final corrected compression of 8.44 to 1. I did all of this work myself and have been doing these type of things to all of the bikes Ive ever owned. I had it dyno tuned and it pushes about 107 HP and 111 ft lbs at the rear wheel. It runs a little hot in the Texas weather but has all I want for a bagger and seems to be dependable. I have made some other mods for comfort that include progressive shocks on the rear and progressive springs in the front as well as a stablizer link for better handling. I would sugest you do your mods in stages but keep in mind to things that can be enhanced later on.
  10. andivi

    andivi New Member

    Thanks for your advice.
    I did more than 6000 miles with my new bike but I don't want to wait anymore. I like horsepower!!! I had a Springer heritage before for three years and I am still craving for more torque.
    The dealer told me to go for the 103 stage 2 which cost less than the 110ci and has almost the same torque. That's why I am asking. Of course, I'll be glad to go for the 120ci but no warranty comes with it.
    As for cars' tuning is dangerous. You had more horsepower and then others parts will break. If I go for the 120ci what will happend to the transmission after...I guess you know what I mean.