Engine case bolts

Steve Harvey

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I’m rebuilding my 99 Evo engine and need the case alignment studs. Harley seems to be pretty specific on the bolt diameter of 11/32.
I’ve tried at least 10 dealers so far and not one of them can find them.
I bought a couple of sets of aftermarket engine case hardware (Colony and Gardner-Wescott) I’m not convinced they are sized right as they seem too big to go through the holes.
Anyone have any thoughts?
Welcome from Spokane
Take a sample to Napa or a nut bolt supplie, check for head bolts, to match them, if it is a stud you could get grade 8 threaded bold and cut to length.
Thanks for the reply guys, I’ll look into those options. My local Ace has a fair selection of bolts etc, I really want to replace the OEM hardware with stainless steel if possible.
I managed to track a used set on Ebay, so I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.
After much messing around, I found the old engine case bolts and sent them off for chrome plating. Engine bottom end is all back together and waiting for the pistons to be put back and cylinders put on.
why were you rebuilding your evo
Because the engine was missing a few bits like push rods and I figured I could put the motor back to as new or how I wanted it.
When i stripped the engine the valves were caked in carbon so I replaced them with Kibblewhite valves and springs, also had a three angle valve seat job, replaced the cam with a Andrews EV 27 and generally made everything was stock or better than.