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  1. Steve Harvey

    Engine case bolts

    I’m rebuilding my 99 Evo engine and need the case alignment studs. Harley seems to be pretty specific on the bolt diameter of 11/32. I’ve tried at least 10 dealers so far and not one of them can find them. I bought a couple of sets of aftermarket engine case hardware (Colony and Gardner-Wescott)...
  2. JeffK

    New member here...looking forward to the brilliance!!!

    1991 fat boy....1340 .10 over but blown motor with only 11k on it. It has a 560v cam in it now from “Powerhouse”, anyone know anything about them? It needs to be replaced but it looks like valve springs are original. When I picked up the bike the intake pushrod on the front cylinder fell right...
  3. Tyler duncan

    We are selling out dad's shop engines Transmissions some frames

    There are 13 knuckleheads complete ready to run 1000.00 a piece there 9 panheads complete and ready to run 900 a piece. There are also five shovelheads 900 apiece . The motors listed have all been run by myself on Dad's workbench there are other engines but I do not know if they run or not An...
  4. roadking96

    Hello from Montana

    Greetings from up north - I ride mostly two up on a 96 Road King and by myself on a 2014 Xl1200C.