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  1. Steve Harvey

    Engine case bolts

    I’m rebuilding my 99 Evo engine and need the case alignment studs. Harley seems to be pretty specific on the bolt diameter of 11/32. I’ve tried at least 10 dealers so far and not one of them can find them. I bought a couple of sets of aftermarket engine case hardware (Colony and Gardner-Wescott)...
  2. J

    Which color code is use on shovelhead 1979 engine cam shaft?

    I have a 1979 shovelhead engine, I assembled a camshaft pinion and the other two pinons from a shovelhead 1979 engine, everything fit, but it is making noise. I know that some engine cases use color code, but i don't know which one i have to use or where I cad see to find out the proper color...