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  1. GimmeFuel

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    Can any of you guys recommend a good site for buying electrically heated gloves and a jacket liner? Money is of course an object so please keep that in mind.

    Also, I've got a '04 fatboy with the 88B engine. What are your collective thoughts on appropriate wattage of heated gear accessories?
  2. hammerhead pat

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    Gerbing is a top notch brand and seems to be right in line with the others(Firstgear and Tourmaster), others will jump in with their input. As far as electrical demands, my Gerbing controller came with this info.
    Of course these #s are for Gerbing items. The controller comes with an asst. of fuses to match with your needs. And if you didn't know, a setup(like that for a battery tender)hooks to your battery and you hook your controller/thermostat to that. Also, if you do decide to go with Gerbing, I wouldn't wait too long to order from them, seems to be a backlog as the weather cools down.Hope this info helps...
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    Gimme... If money is an object, I'd highly suggest that you google up "DIY Heated Jacket". I've made my own gear and it works great using techniques from others that have done it before me. Several PDF's and How-to's out there.

    I'd be happy to send you some links and such as well as answer any questions you may have. But it's so simple even this old country boy can do it.
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    I have had the Gerbing gloves for a few years now and love them! Of course I just buy direct from Gerbing because they are hear in Washington State near me.

    A few guys at work have the gloves too and we all love them, warm hands make happy riders!!!!
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    Gerbing's are great I've been using them for about 4 years, if you go to their web site there is a clearance section the price is cut in half for the jacket liner 99.00 G3 gloves 119.00 or glove liners. you will also need a thermostat. If you can get it you wont regret it.

    Gerbing's Heated Clothing // The World's Warmest Clothing!
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    I started using a heated pant from "firstgear" They work and feel good, but you have to be careful about sizing. I don'know what ruler they use, but the sizes seem larger than normal.
    "Black Jack" is where my jacket liner came from. It works well and is quite tough, as I have used it regular for 2 years now. This outfit is real good with the advice and service. They helped me when I needed connecting apps for the pants and the jacket.
    I have read tons on making your own heated clothing, and actually looks to be the best way to go, and fun as well. I googled up "home made heated clothing" and found a real gem of websites and info.
    I found that heated clothing extended my riding season to where I ride all year long, in comfort.
    I rode 175 miles to home yesterday in 40 degree, dry weather, and smiled all the way.
  8. jwd98056

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    I believe the alternator stator on softails remained unchanged from '01-'06. This is rated at 38 amperes output. I have used a Gerbing jacket liner, the original gauntlet style gloves and heated insoles on my '02 Heritage Softail without any issues.

    I have never needed heated pants. I will usually just wear chaps or Firstgear HT overpants if it will be wet and sloppy. As long as my core, hands and feet are warm I stay plenty warm. But like most things YMMV.
  9. Haywire

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    I have a Synergy Tourmaster Jacket and chaps and gerbing G3 heated gloves that WILL plug right into the Tourmaster Gear. Works great. I have rode to work in temperatures in the high 20'sF and been comfortable.:s
    Next up something for my feet:D
  10. Mongo1958

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    If you want China made stuff then forget about this post and use the info the others have provided.

    If you want made in the USA then check out Aerostich.com They make most of their stuff here in the USA. I have a heated jacket liner and it's enough for me near Atlanta, Ga during the coldest part of the year. A pair of thermal pants comes in handy too.

    BTW I use the battery tender adapter plug on my bike to plug my vest into.
    Good luck