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Ebay for Cheap Parts

Whenever a family member of mine needs something for their bike the call me and ask me to check ebay for them. I have been able to save some of them a lot of money. So remember when you need a part check ebay first.
I used to buy off of ebay as well when I had my bike. I would suggest to anyone that wants to do this though that they ALWAYS read the sellers feedback and make sure that they are selling legit parts. There are a lot of people selling fakes out there.
I would never consider ebay for anything that has to do with what I am riding especially for my ride, I have seen too many people get burnt for either the seller sending them wrong parts other than the one that was shown, and feedback of this person was not bad.
But I say don't do it, go to a legit seller.
We should not really take a chance on buying spare parts on auction listings even if it is eBay. The bad thing about this is that we cannot check the item physically and we could never be sure of the quality in so much that it is sold at a low price.
I have to agree! I would never even bother with getting parts off of ebay. I don't trust that I am getting genuine Harley parts, and that is all that I want put on my bike so I go to the dealership when I need something.
I've never purchased a part on eBay, but I know a few who have. You can really save some money by finding good deals on eBay. The best way to find good deals is to look for misspelled listings. I use a little tool called
Also check what kind of gaurantee they offer, is it full money back within certain time?If they have good feedback, do they get repeat customers?
I have nothing personally against eBay, I just will not purchase anything from there to put on a bike that I ride or any vehicle for that matter, I guess it is your choice, everyone has an opinion and I will say no ebay for parts.
I love my darling too much to take a risk like that, Why try to save a few bucks by purchasing something thjat might not work, when you can just dish out the extra cash and know that it will be fixed, I don't take chances like that, no eBay.
I would be cautious using eBay. They definitely have some good deals and some of the sellers are quite reputable but then what happens if something goes wrong... You're the one on the bike when this happens. I guess I'd buy decales, radios, etc there but nothing else.