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E Z Pull Clutch (big twins)


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I have used these units in a few bikes including my own in the past. The work well in reducing the clutch pull at the handle. I used a spring scale on an installation to see just how much they lightened the pull. The before and after was a noticable difference of the loss of 3-4 pounds pull on the lever end.

It's a straight forward installation with only the end cover on the trans to be removed and the unit installed in there. Cost is about $15 -$20 depending on where it is purchased.

I found that you can cut a 1/4" allen key off at the short end just long enough to fully seat in the head and this will eliminate the removal of the exhaust system in many cases. The bolts get broken loose with the allen key and can usually be backed out with your fingers once broken loose. It's not necessary to remove the bolts from the cover but just lift the cover up and over the pipes with the bolts still in the cover. Reverse this for the re installation after the unit is installed. Depending on the age of the bike, the side cover gasket can usually be reused.

You'll need common hand tools to do this installation plus a pair of snap ring pliers. Always replace the snap ring in the same position that it was in originally.
A dab of grease on the ramp balls will hold them in place while reassembling the new ramp.

You'll find that the clutch adjustment will be made a bit differently with this unit installed as it reduces the actual throw of the clutch ramp arm because of the added length of the unit. Normal specs say 1/2 to 1 turn after bottoming out the adjustment, you may try 1/2 to 3/4 here with this unit install.

Here's some input on it. On some models it's necessary to round off the corner of the unit so it doesn't contact the cover. Very simple thing to do even using a file.

Well worth the time and cost IMO.

Best price I found yet...



With the bike on the side stand, little or no gear oil will come out when removing the side cover so it's not necessary to drain the trans first.

Here's the same thing for Sportster models.

E Z Pull Clutch for Sportsters - Harley Davidson Community
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I just put this kit in my 1990 FLHS. All I can say is wow, what an improvement. I actually only did this because after riding the 08 and then getting on the 90, the clutch was incredible harder to pull in when compared to 08. This EZ pull works like a charm.
OK.I thought a cable was a cable silly me.The Indy that I bought the bars and the cable from seemed to know what was needed.I guess he could have made a mistake.I bought the bike used the original owner said he had an EZ pull clutch on it.Is there a different clutch cable for these? Thanks again.
This thing is giving me a headache.I have the service manual and have watched videos on the subject and still can't get it right.I'm gonna head down to Harley and ask them about it...and check out the 2010's.Thanks for the help!

Well after talking with the guy at HD figured out that I have the wrong clutch cable.Will get the right one tommorow.Thanks for the help!