Dyna Wide Glide 2010 Skips or Acts Like It's Shutting Down

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    I don't know if this is the correct forum, but I have had some issue this week with my bike. The other day I started my bike and had an immediate loud click and total power loss. The engine would not turn over nor the starter click. Just dead. While doing a general look about at the engine and wiring, the lights turned back on. Then they would turn off. Eventually I could sneak another start attempt. Three starts in a row resulted with the same loud click and no power nor engine/starter turn over.
    Later I grabbed my tools, checked the fuses, took off the battery cover, loosened the battery positive and negative contacts and retightened. All was good for two days.
    Then this afternoon my bike, while riding, started to gyrate as though it was going to die and then pick the power right back up and accelerate. This was only while upshifting to a higher gear and accelerating. The die-out and reaccelerate were back to back. I did notice that if I kept it in gear the deceleration and acceleration would stop. Upshift and then it would start up again.
    Later I noticed only for a moment the key and engine idiot lights were illuminating while the problem would occur. I dread going out and starting up the bike, but got to.
    This is the last ride for a while the way it looks. Thanks. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
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    Did it throw any codes?
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    The above is for 2010 Touring models so I'm not sure if it'll work for your bike or not.
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    My money is on, if O.E. battery it has given up the ghost. Pull battery and have it checked and properly load tested. If you do not have a battery tender of some sort after replacing battery install lead for tender and start using tender.
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    If you suspect the battery, o e battery's can last 4years. But load test it for sure. cables all good and tight. My brother had a battery do the same thing. Had cell that would fall over and contact next one, then with movement stand back up. Confusing to say the least.

    Forgot to welcome you to the forum , from South Texas on the Border!
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    Thank you. I look forward reading posts.

    The battery is original. I started using a HD tender this year. How could the battery effect the engine while in motion? I thought it was for starting only. While riding it is as though it will die, lose power (the speedometer drops from 60 to 0 then back to 60), and then resume normal operation. It makes for a jerky ride. Then everything resumes normal operation.

    I will attempt to retrieve any codes tomorrow. Thanks to everyone.
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    If the battery is internally shorting then it is also killing the voltage coming from stator/voltage regulator. No voltage no run. Sounds like something is shorting intermittently. The battery is a great place to start.
  8. dbmg

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    You need a constant reference voltage to ECM if battery is unable to provide the constant voltage numerous strange things will and can happen. Remember a tender will not charge a battery but keep a good battery topped off.
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    Start here, a battery on a bike is the source always start with a load test Welcome to The Forum:D
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    Definitely check the battery with a load test; does sound like an electrical issue. Check the main system ground; remove, clean and re-attach. Could be the ECM going south.