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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Mavagrand

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    Anyone have any experience with these? My brother is running them on his KawiNomad. He has three ounces in his tires. He says that centrifugal force as the tires turn force the beads into the uneven parts of the tire, thereby balancing them. He says the bike rides smoother. sounds reasonable to me but I have never heard of them.
  2. Bud White

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    it has been talked about on here before and most the times it gets shot down ..

    but i will say i did use them in my last tire change and have about 3k miles on the tires with the beads .. they do work i have had it over 85 and feel no vibration or anything .. for my taste they work ..
  3. kemo

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    I have to agree with Bud on the beads. I did my tires a week ago and used stick on weights, I checked last night and 1/2 ounce has fallen off despite my properly prepping the wheel. The beads do not fall off and do not ruin the looks of a nice looking wheel. I put one of my buddies onto them. He is a retired power train engineer from Ford, he said his bike has never ridden so smooth. Like Bud said some will not agree with them being used.
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    I have them in my other bike and they work great, No more spoke weights and didn't have to pay to have the wheels balanced. I will use them again when the SG needs tires.

  5. RetiredJake

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    I have them in my ultra and in my dyna. I got 13K+ on the rear tire of the ultra, and currently have 25K+ on the front. Just put them in the dyna when I put new tires on about 3K ago. So far, they ride smoother, and the ultra seems to show better mileage on the tires. I believe in them, and will continue to use them until something proves otherwise.
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    OK, I don't know what dyna beads are... How are they used? Clue me in, thanks. Ride safe...
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    I ran them in my last rear tire. No vibration or any of the symptoms you would get with an out of balance tire. And, when I broke the tire down, there was no rubber "dust" or any damage to the inside of the tire from the beads rolling around in there. Also, the ceramic beads looked like new.
    I did not notice any longer life out of the tire running beads (as some have claimed) than with the life of any other tire.
    I went back to conventional balancing on the tire I am running now, simply because I didn't have any beads on hand when I did the tire change.
    I have maybe 3000 miles left on this tire, and when I change it...and the front...I plan on going back to the beads.
    They seem to maintain the balance throughout the life of the tire where with weights, the balance will change as the tire wears.
    Just my opinion & observation.
  9. Rewind

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    I just put them in my new tires a month ago. I'm very pleased with them. I will tell you that you definitely need some type of vibration to help install them. I have tubes in my tires (spoked rims) and it took longer to put the Dyna Beads in than it did to put the tires on the bike!!!
  10. Bud White

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    I agree there i have to tap the valve stem to get them to run in even on tubeless tires