Dunlop E3 Bias Ply with Dyna Beads

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    Has anyone installed the dyna beads in the Dunlop E3 tires? I noticed some slight ribbing inside the tire that generated some concern regarding the ability of the beads to freely move in the tire to balance.

    The tires are going on a 2008 HD Ultra - MT90/16 on the front and MU90/16's on the rear. This is my second set and the first set I had them conventionally balanced with the glue-on weights, but recently have been considering the Dyna-Bead system.

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    I have heard that before. What does the paint dot on the tire represent.
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    Wow, Great info. Thanks!
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    You are welcome Hoop.....:s
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    Yep I knew that info but never saw it explained in that much depth. I saved that PDF.

    Actually I think I remember seeing some basic info on this at a static balancer website. Might have even been the guy that sells the static balancer, that I believe you use Hoop if memory serves me. Can't remember his name right off, but if I had the money I would buy his balancer, it was impressive. But for now I plan to make do with Brian's home method.
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    Either on this board or another one, someone else had trouble with dyna beads and finally had to remove the beads and get an old fashioned balance, which fixed his problem. The beads seem to be a (EDIT) shoot and you might wind up having to pay for 2 balance jobs, first with the dyna beads, then with fixed weights. Rather than risk having to pull the wheels twice, I'd just use the way I know works on the first try. No matter how polished and smooth the beads are, I would still think that over the life of the tire they would act like little pieces of sand paper and do unpleasant things to the inside of the tire.

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    Over 18k on 3 back tires and over 25k on 2 front tires and absolutely nothing was inside the tires except the Dyna Beads I installed. No black / carbon powder from where you would think the beads would wear, no ceramic powder from the beads themselves, nothing but the beads.
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