Dry Sump or Wet Sump

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by det45, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Hello all, I just bought my first Harley Davidson and I love my HD. It's a 2012 Road King Classic 103ci. I've owned metric bikes all of my riding life until now. I must admit I was missing out on what a real bike should be. With that being said, please forgive me on my ignorance but does my 2012 Road King have a dry sump oil system or a wet sump system. I do not have a oil tank on my bike like my neighbors 2012 Deluxe. Also should I run full synthetic oil or mineral based oil. Can I go longer on synthetic? Thank you all for your advice......det45 San Antonio Texas. :D
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    Welcome to The Forum, your oil tank is under the bike , The oil pump is inside the cam chest on the RS of the motor Oil - Harley Davidson Community here are some reads on oils
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    Also I have one more question....? My new Road King is very difficult to put into neutral, is that normal for a new Harley? Thanks again......det45
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    Depends on what is in the primary and tranny for lube and the clutch adjustment http://www.hdtimeline.com/archive/t-738.html
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    I'm new here too,I joined a while back and spend a lot of time here but haven't made any post,I do enjoy the site.I have a bike like yours and the only time it's been hard to get in netural is when I made a quick stop without down shifting.It's always easy from first or second.I park in first most of the time,and when I go back to it just a bump with my heel,it seldom if ever misses.
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    switch to spectro or red line oils. r/l offers a syn shockproof gear lube , ans 20x60 syn motorcycle oil.
    or spectro has some good oils too. shifting will inprove with the change. lb

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    For you Clutch/Shift question/answer.

    A NEW bike Will be tighter for a short time. I would Check the Clutch adjustment to be sure...

    Here is My way to do the clutch adjustment.:newsmile03:
    (very similar to HD's Book way)

    Harley Davidson Community

    To me and MANY others, This Method Works Good and is easy to understand.

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    I don't think anyone ever told him if he has a dry sump or wet sump. Or is there a chance I missed something?
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    Jack said it had an oil tank so it has to be dry sump.
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    Thanks Hoople, I got side tracked with all the house mouse chores today:p