Don't know about this riding season.....

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  1. RUSHMORE_14

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    I've just been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. One of my vertebrae is pinching down on a nerve in my arm. The pain is ridiculous . Looking at all my options at this time. Don't want to go under the knife....I'm only 40.
    Will keep you posted.
  2. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Wow...hoping your health does a rebound. Keep is posted.
  3. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    Sorry to hear that. Pain is just no fun what so ever.

    An chance inversion therapy may help a little? Not talking anything radical like hanging upside down, just a slight under 20 deg inversion to help lightly stretch the spine.

    Best of luck to you in getting it dealt with.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Examine all your options, Good Luck, Disc disease is no fun but there are some good options out there, get a second opinion
  5. RUSHMORE_14

    RUSHMORE_14 Junior Member

    MRI is today at noon. It will tell a more complete story.
    Thanks guys. Every time I walk past my bike in the garage, on my way out to work, I look at it and wonder if I took my last ride.
  6. Lawdog314

    Lawdog314 Active Member

    Best wishes Brother. Have non-operable back pain myself. It stinks. I hope you get good news at the Docs! Keep us posted. joe
  7. Slo-Ryd

    Slo-Ryd Junior Member Contributor

    Wow, best wishes and the Mrs. and I will say a prayer for good news to come your way. Stay positive and keep us posted.
  8. RobertHyde

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    Had similar surgery on L4 & L5 lower back due to left leg nerve incoachment. It was a small 2" incision that they did and scraped out the cartilage pressing on the nerve. It was instant relief although I had waited too long to have it done and now have permanent nerve damage. I can pinch my left leg and barely feel it. The shoulders a little different but same intent to relieve pressure on your nerve. Its been seven years since my surgey and back has not come out once. Had it not worked, they go in from the front and insert filler (puck) between the disks, a much more invasive approach. By the way, was fishing next day with my grandaughter! Although I wasn't riding at the time, your recovery should be rather quick obviously depending on surgery performed. Like you, it all started around the 40 mark. Waited 9 years to git er done. 56 now and grateful. Almost forgot, therapy before the knife. Might be able to stretch it out to relieve the pain temporarily. In the end you may have to get it done. Best of luck and God Bless.
  9. backroads

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    dont wait, done it few years back got down to not walking let alone standing, came back at 98%, still have my days but still the best thing ive done ,i learned to change the way i do things, still ride, still heavy line tech on diesel ,again ill say get it over with now youll be back on two wheels in no time
  10. mc2

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    Look forward to riding again. But, first take care. Get a second opinion. Going under the knife is the final option after therapy fails. If you lose a ridding season in the process, so be it. You'll be all the better for it.
    Doctors have gotten very good, but don't underestimate the power of therapy and patience.
    Wish you well.