Does your bike fit you?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by pookibr, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. pookibr

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    Never thought about this when I picked out my sporty. Someone made the comment to me that Im a BIG GIRL and I should have gotten a bigger bike. Never thought I didnt look right on my sporty till that comment was made. Now I wonder......Anyone else had this?
  2. brderj

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    Im 6'2 so just about any bigger bike fits me, but I would never think of riding a sporty for the reason mentioned. My fiance is 5'10 and she rides a softail screamin eagle. I think her bike is a little big for her but on the other side of the coin I would think a sportie would also be to small. She handles that 110 CI engine just fine though but if she wasnt comfortable with it then it wouldnt really matter what she rode, as long as she was safe.
  3. gs34

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    I would have to say, it is the call of the individual rider. Only you know how you feel on the bike. Is it comfortable for you? Are the controls in the right position for you to reach comfortably? Are you satisfied with your stance and how the bike balances for you? Are you comfortable with the bikes handling and response to your riding style?
    If your bike fits into all of the important criteria that you set then that is all that should matter.
    Pooki, we're all just going to be glad to see you back out there in the wind.
  4. whatyardwork

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    Road a springer softail for 9 years and thought the bike fit me perfect.Eventualy the wife got her bike and it became apparent we needed bags for our trips together.I always looked at the touring bikes as big heavy slow machines that Id never desire.When I bought my streetglide I realized how wrong my perception of touring bike was.Bigger and heavier, but just as fast with the new motor and the most comfortable ride Ive ever had.Far more comfortable than the springer.After riding a bike I had convinced myself was perfect for me all those years I realized it just wasnt.Sometimes bigger can be better.
    We've been shopping for a new scoot for the wife and so far the Deluxe seems to offer the best options for a woman.In my opinion they took this bike and catered it to female riders wanting a big bike and got it absolutely right.
  5. Flashback

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    I'm 6'2" and one of my bikes is a sportster that i bop around town on. who cares what people think it only matters what you think. if you are comfortable and happy with the bike then blow em off and enjoy your bike.
  6. Bud White

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    If your happy who cares what other people think
  7. UglyJohn

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    Ride what you want and just enjoy it. What ever bike you get, just make sure it fitted to you! Feet flat on the ground, good posture etc... it does make a difference on the comfort and safety issues.
    Ugly John
  8. threesteps

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    That pretty well sums it up from my point of veiw. I've seen some folks on bikes, particularly some customs, that I would never had been comfortable on. But if they liked it, great.
  9. cdn-bigfoot

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    I would definitely say not every bike fits every rider.

    I'm 6'2" and weigh in at a lean 200 lbs. My 1200 Sportster was too small for my frame. This became evident on long rides. I did look a little too big on it, or it too small.
    I now have a 2006 Dyna Street Bob that fits me fine because of the forward controls and Street Slammer bars. Even with big packs I fit on the bike. Although not as comfortably as I would be on a bagger I'm sure.
    I could even use a 2" or 3" extended forward controls. Most of the big twins can be made to fit almost any size rider with the right adjustments (read purchases). The Sportster on the other hand will be just too small for many riders.
    Other manufacturers seem to be catering to the 5'7" crowd. Big mistake! IMHO.
  10. Riviera Reg

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    If you are comfortable on the bike, and the controls, power, etc suits your style of riding, then go out and enjoy your ride.

    If not, maybe you could test ride a few different bikes from your dealer or on one of those factory test ride events.