Do we put to much stock into Harley?

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  1. glyd-n

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    First of all let me say that this not to bash the MOCO or anyone, but I'm curious to know if all the "other things Harley" (not the bikes) are worthwhile? I'm talking about parts & accessories, clothes, trinkets, etc. I support the MOCO because I buy the bikes, but I'm not into the other things, because there are other products that are better and cost less. Even though I own a few shirts, I don't feel that I have to advertise for them. The bike says enough. In a lot of cases after the purchase, the dealer cares nothing about you. So my question is, as owners of the motorcycles do we make Harley?, or does Harley make us? Opinions please.
  2. ultrat

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    I say i make harley.? got there bike, cause i have no use for a car. some shirts, got um at goodwill.
  3. Jonas

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    I recently bought a nice light weight jacket with armor from a HD dealer. It was 122.00 on sale. I really like the way it is made. I had been looking for a lightweight jacket that fit right. (Sleeves Long Enough and good zippers). It does say Harley all over it, I could do without that. But the quality fit and price was right. I have a great leather jacket(not Harley), but it barelly fits in my saddle bag.

    My point is I think Harley has some quality jackets and appearl.

    I like HD T-Shirts. I have had at least one since I was 12 years old. It does not mean anything one way or another if you wear a HD TShirt.
  4. Porter

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    I think it is a give and take that varies between the individual. I see many people with a John Deere hat or gloves or belt buckle that never owned a tractor. Same thing to me.

    I live and work within an hour of 5 dealers. I didn't have any experince in Harley Davidson's when I bought my bike and I had not found HDTimeline at that point. A dealer makes it convenient to physically inspect things like jackets, chaps, boots, saddlebags, helmets etc. So, from that perspective they fill a niche, for those that what to try things on and look around. Kind of like kicking the tires, if you will.

    Right or wrong, I think the dealer and the HD brand give a starting point for newbies like me. Again, at that point, I didn't have a "riding style" so I didn't know what I didn't like. I felt better at least being able to hold things in my hands. I guess I am speaking more of what I would consider "gear". The only items I collect are firearms and I would consider them on the same plane as an HD coffee mug, but that is just me. I would think that the "knick-knack" buying group is probably 50% HD owners and 50% family/friends of HD owners that want to get a meaningful gift on holidays or birthdays and the like.

    I agree with you that the bike is a big enough statement, but again if buying a shirt or a key chain or whatever makes you happy and comfortable: go for it!
  5. kemo

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    When you buy something with a Harley licensed trademark on it you are going to pay very dearley for that trademark. I do not try to support Harley, I bought their bike and that is the end of my support unless I have no other choce. Fortunately a Harley is like a small block Chevy, everybody makes something better that will work. The only Harley shirts that I have have been gifts and on my birthday or Fathers day or Christmas I cry if one of my daughters give me a gift card from my local dealer. My daughters can not afford my taste (well neither can I). I have asked them not to give me gift cards because I also do not like to spend my money at Canadian Harley dealership. We snowbird for 4 1/2 months so I try to stock up on everthing that I can.
  6. Ranger63

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    It is not so fair that in Canada, we seem to pay so much more for the HD stuff, I really like to shop "local" but with the power of the internet shopping, why not save some money and go state side....
  7. DakotaRob

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    I've got a lot of Harley branded stuff, but I won't buy something unless I can use it, and it is decent quality. Love my HD riding jacket, it performs well and has held up to the elements. I like to support the local dealer and the MoCo... they are still American businesses even though most of the gear is made outside the USA nowadays. The dealer where I bought my first HD back in 2004 still gives me a 10% discount on parts/clothes, including sale/clearance stuff. I've always liked the look of the bar & shield logo too, so I suppose that might play into my decision... just a little... :s
  8. dbmg

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    I agree with you all. I do have a few unique Harley shirts. I was not a fan of HOG membership and let it expire even when they begged me to reup with a free year added. Remember the majority of Harley sales do not come from selling bikes. The unfortunate thing like Kemo says is why pay the inflated Harley price especially when alot of Harley parts are made over seas and there are some very good aftermarket options. Maybe the reason so many guys are having difficult times at dealers are because the main focus is on apparel and chrome instead of having a great service center. So the only items I purchase at the dealer are the main items to keep the bike running like new.
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    It took me 28 years and 2 Yamahas to finally buy the bike of my dreams. Should I have waited this long?, NO. It is a personal preference to buy into all the stuff. But I have always been proud to own memorabilia from one of the greatest American companies to ever exist. Forgetting those AMF years. I like to buy the shirts because of where they are from, not so much the company logo. Most of all I like the quality of my bike, and the expensive parts seam to be well made and worth a little extra. I have a small eagle sticker on my truck window so those who pass me by know I would rather be riding.
  10. nakkers

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    To me, it's more about simply riding and not the logo or brand.

    I wouldn't go out and buy HD apparel but, I wear it when something comes my way.

    I think the sound and look of the bike makes enough of a statement. I do enjoy it when a young kid on the side walk or riding in the car with their parents yells out, "Nice Harley!"

    Other than that, when someone finds out I ride a HD, they are often surprised. I get a chuckle from that too.