Do O2 Sensors Matter Much?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by LtDan1, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. LtDan1

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    Hi all,

    I'm installing a 2:1 exhaust on my '08 RG this week. I'm planning to add the PC-V and the Stage One air cleaner in a couple of weeks.

    When I do the PC-V, it will eliminate the use of the 02 sensors as they direct that the sensors be unplugged at the wiring but with sensors just left in the pipes.

    So, what happens in the meantime if I just remove the O2 sensors with the stock head pipes (unplug the sensors from the wiring to remove them rather than unscrew them from the pipes), install the new exhaust with the O2 bung plugs in it, and then add the PC-V in 2-3 weeks?

    Should I park the bike between now and then, or hassle with transferring the sensors from the stock head pipes to the new exhaust, then unplug them as per PC-V directions, and also pull them from the pipes and install the bung plugs when I install the PC-V? I'd rather not have the sensors left in the pipes but unused. When it's all said and done I'd rather be rid of them if they're not going to be hooked up and doing anything.

    On the labor/hassle and end-results-front, it seems it'd be a lot cleaner to just install the new pipes with the bung-plugs rather than the sensors and be done with that part of it -- But if I do that, does that mean I need to park the bike until the PC-V is installed or tearing something up?

  2. TripleJ

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    I am thinking that since you are purchasing a PC-V for your 08 model and the only place I know to buy one for a pre 09 model that has custom maps for the earlier models bikes is from Jamie at Fuel-Moto (which is where I got mine :s), you might consider giving Jamie a call and get his opinion.

    While I doubt you would do any harm I am not sure if you would notice any problems with how your bike runs without the O2 Sensors in place. My 08 Heritage had one of its O2 Sensors unplugged for the first 5-6K miles and I only found out when I replaced the exhaust and never has any issues to that point without that O2 Sensor plugged in.

    Fuel-Moto has great deals on Air Cleaners as well and you might be able to talk Jamie into supplying you with the O2 Sensor Eliminators until you purchase the PC-V and or air cleaner? Just a thought........
  3. fin_676

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    Personally i would wait untill i had all the bits then do it all at once
    As i dont know that much about fi systems i think that running without the sensors may give some issues at the very least it may throw some error codes im sure some more knowlegable members will be along soon and put me right

  4. Breeze3at

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    The PC-5 has circuitry that tricks or mimics the o2 sensors input to the ECM. Unplugging them without the PC will provide erratic running. Wait until you can do the whole set up.
  5. dbmg

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    The function of the O2 sensors are to monitor spent gases and causes ECM to adjust for proper mixture. By disconnecting it will cause a performance problem and a check engine light. So as fin_676, and Breeze3at has stated waiting to have all the components at one time is best scenario.
  6. Iceman24

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    Agree...did my exhaust, tuner & breather in one swoop b/c it was easer than tearing through the bike multiple times & also gave means to fine-tune the upgrades. I'd wait...JMO.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    I too would wait, it wont run right and will set a code
  8. R_W_B

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    Have you checked out TTS Mastertune ? It's not as expensive as ThunderMax, but for a little more than the PC you can get closed loop system (O2 sensors still untilized) that can learn from the base map you give it. You can also save and change base maps. It's not a piggyback like the PC but downloads the base maps directly into the stock ECM.
    TTS used to make the old SERT.

    Anyhow just in case you wanted the info.
  9. LtDan1

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    Thanks to all. I don't think I've ever had this consistent amount of agreement on the answer to one of my questions -- so point taken. I'll wait. (urgh)

    As the 08 RG is FI and TBW, it's same as the '09 in that respect and can run the PC-V for the '09's without any mods or retrofitting.

    I will check out the TTS Mastertune, as I haven't yet bought the PC-V. I'm not opposed to the 02 sensors if they're actually functioning and contributing to anything worthwhile - - So a closed loop system that keeps them in exchange for other benefits is something I'm willing to look at.

    I already have the air cleaner on hand, and the exhaust due in any time.

    Thanks again!
  10. Crocker

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    There is plenty of past threads here reguarding your questions, Take some time and educate yourself on the efi system and how it works ,it will give you a much better understanding in making your final choice of tuner.there are basicly 3 choices you do have as far as 02 sensors.... you can run open loop no 02 sensors basicly this tech pre dates 2007 hds , or you can run semi closed in witch the stock narrow band sensors are used, or use a wide band sensor setup these systems cost the most but will give you more range to tune and are a full closed loop process , the pcv does offer a autotune kit with wide band sensors, but do you need that ,Really you have to know what engine upgrades you plan for the future for your bike,if you are going to due engine upgrades in the future that require a better fuel management system then spend the money now ,if you know you have no intentions on upgrading the engine then stay with lower cost stuff there all basicly the same and will give pretty much the same results, you can go as cheep as $130.and get the same results as spending $300. there is a lt of choices out there, but take sometime and educate yourself first then look at what you have in mind down the road for your bike ,then make your choice. Good luck.