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Discussion in 'South East' started by BTrain, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Being I'm somewhat new in the world HD riding. I have a guess can be called an endurance question.
    I own a 08 night train, I ride from homestead and already did a KW trip ( in the rain ) which wasn't fun. Question is, I intend on going to bike week in Daytona and I wanna ride the ride, but is that te type of bike to attempt a 4-5 hour ride or do I trailer it up? I know there are bikes built for distance, but I'm pretty sure this isn't one of them. So if anyone has done such a thing ( which I'm sure there is) drop me a line of advice on run the Train or trailer the train and save the back :):skipping
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    Ride it, you won't regret it. That's what these things were made for. There will be pleanty others on the road you can hook up with if you don't like traveling alone.

    I've rode my '72 Shovelhead, took my time and did the 1000 miles in 2 days. The weather up north here wasn't the greatest, just try to prepare for everything.
    Carry a camera, keep it handy and keep a journal, you'll be glad you did.

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    I agree w/ C-W, just ride it, carry camera and small notepad. Yes you can add mods to your bike for more comfort on long rides ...I have standard forward controls and pegs, and purchased the mid peg brackets to fit Kuryakin mini-wing floorboards. Also, fitted a faceshield to DOT 3 snap helmet (things fall off trucks like rocks and gravel, as well as sand gets kicked up into your face).

    Make sure your grips are comfortable with gloves that fit without seams in the palm area (also hook your fingers 'round 'em rather than gripping, common problem with new riders causing poor circulation cold hands and tingling), especially when HD grips are larger in diameter. Good leather jacket w/ventilation and removable liner & chaps are nice.

    Saddlebags are handy to carry "stuff." If your passenger pillion is empty, a soft luggage pack will fit nicely. Have a sissybar/rack out back? Add some camping gear, sleeping bag, flashlight (headlight), snacks, water are all a plus (hotels and accomodations not withstanding).

    Finally get a leather tool bag and fit it on your front fork/handlebar with hand tools and tire plug kit. Enjoy, the more you ride the more you learn what works and what doesn't...:)
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    Ride your bike!
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    Ride it!

    But don't be afraid to stop real often to stretch your legs/back/whatever else needs stretching. Even if your bike wasn't designed for ultra long touring, you'll still be able to enjoy long trips if you're not in a hurry and just listen to your body.
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    Let's see......

    Bike week in March....

    Homestead to Daytona....

    That means you're on I-95...

    With every blue haired q-tipped snowbird and tourist that's in Florida for the winter...

    Yep, ride it! Hit all the rest areas for a 15 minute stop. The first one, of course it depends where you get off the turnpike, is just past Indian Town North of Jupiter. There is one in every county going to Daytona. They are not more than about 50 miles apart. With 2 in Brevard county, one at the south end, one at the north end.

    Just one more thing... Watch out for the 18 wheelers, snowbirds and tourists on I-95. They will try and kill you.
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    Saddle up
    Ride it no more than 100 miles
    Get off strech and walk around a bit then go again.
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    Ride it. I have a dyna and have made many long trips on it. Your body will let you know when you need a break. It will surprise you what getting off of your bike and walking around 10 - 15 minutes will do for you. It will have you ready to hit the road again for anothe 100 miles or so.
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    Ride It!! Where the heck you gonna park your trailer anyway? besides, trailer are for boats.:D
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Don't let Hobbit hear you say that...! :bigsmiley8: