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Did we just get Insulted?

Das Motorad

Hey, I have been talking to Twrecks via Email and he referred to us over here as buggers??? What the heck is a bugger?? :dknow :s
Hey, hey there Das Motorad, I think something has been lost in translation here!!!! The term "bugger" is a term of endearment here in OZ, used in the proper context. I'm sorry if any offence was taken, I certainly didn't intend to offend you. Feel free to call me "a silly old bugger", anytime!!
Sorry, I'll be more carefull in future!! :dknow :unsure :help

ps Thanks Hobbit!!
Definition of bugger:

Something that slithers along the ground in damp places. be buggered is to annoy someone beyond belief and drive on the wrong side of the road shouting things that nobody understands cause they talk funny.


Just kidding:D Hi T ol' buddy!
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Oh I knew that would get you guys going :) I know you ment no harm I just could not resist stirring it up abit, Ay Mate :)


:boxingIs this pick on Australia week? First you leave our flag in a box in a storeroom out the back & then you criticise us for our driving habits & having our 'bars on the wrong side of the forks.

If you dont like like what part of the road we ride on then get off the footpath!(that's 'sidewalk' to those of you of US extraction):60: