Did I make the right decision?

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    I am new to Harley's and new to here, but not new to motorcycles. I was tired of getting motorcycle fever every year when the weather turns nice and decided to do something about it. To make a long story short I started looking at bikes and actually considered a few imports as well. I wondered into the local HD dealership that is 5 mins from my home and learned about all of the new models since my last visit in 2008.

    I decided that as much as I want quick and sporty, if I am going to ride the bike as much as possible I need some realy storage. That way alot more errnda fall into the "excuse to ride" category. So I went from the looking at V-Rods to Softails, and decided that the Road King's, and Street Glides were more the ticket. Being under 40 (please don't read into that) and being used to riding sport bikes (read crotch rockets) this is somewhat shocking even to me.

    The dealer slightly turned me off to new bikes by saying that they sell everything 1K to 4K over MSRP (not that I believed it). So, I started searching online and found some great options. I am all set to take delivery of a 2007 SE Road King on Tuesday, but I am second guessing my decision not to go new, or at least with the newer frame (2009). I am also concerned tha this bike does not have ABS. I have never had a bike with it, but I also have never owned a bike this large. The dollars are about the same for a new Road King or the 2007 SE that I chose. What do you folks think? I appreciate your opinions. Sorry for being so wordy.

    Some of the reasons I chose the SE are:

    Increased resale value
    No need to tinker and upgrade / add more chrome

    I just keep second guessing after learning of the chassis change in 2009, and of course the lack of ABS.
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    Hey. I prefer my 2006 Street Bob to a new 2010 and wouldn't trade straight across for new. Keeping in mind I have almost $10,000 in upgrades on this bike. Similarly your 2007 SE Road King already has the upgrades over a new RK. If it has relatively low mileage you are better off with the 2007. In a year your 2007 SE RK will still be worth what you paid for it. The 2010 RK will be worth far less.

    Good choice.
    Now let's see some pics!
  3. glider

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    That was the days of old when they did that. I wouldn't even return to that dealer with that attitude if that's what they told you. Dealers are "dealing" now and not over MSRP any more either.

    Performance shouldn't be first on the list. Harleys aren't really a "performance" bike even thou some run pretty good. As far as resale value..... I don't consider that at all when buying. You pay 10K over the standard bike model for a CVO and resale isn't directly proportionate to that at all. You take a hosing with a CVO on resale. The resale on the Harleys isn't what it's cracked up to be. They get a decent resale but not to be considered when you are making a decision of buying as a major issue at all.
    Rarity....the CVO bikes are what could be considered somewhat rare only because of the limited number made but they phase out all the parts after a few years and they are difficult to come by. (been there done that)
    Lastly....no need to upgrade a CVO? Let me just say I bought an anniversary CVO thinking along the same lines as you stated here and added about 6K in parts and extras (totaling $33K+) to it and when it came time to sell, I couldn't even get back retail value of the standard model (non CVO) and the bike was flawless with low miles so that myth can be dispelled. The only higher return is on the dealers level when they are sold new.
    The ABS is an option that if you must have it , then get it. I wouldn't buy a bike with the ABS. I like to be able to control the brakes as I want to and not how the bike wants to. I wouldn't have them in my car if I had the choice.

    Buy the bike you like that hits you when you see it and don't drive yourself crazy with decisions.:s

    The local dealer here is selling below MSRP.
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    I think you will be very pleased with your choice. this bike will scratch that "motorcycle fever". welcome to the forums (family). im under 40 also, had many flavor of bikes in the past from bmw to you name it. wasn't sure if i was ready for a touring bike. Im glad i did. never thought twice after that first few hour ride. enjoy, let see some pics!
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    All I'm going to say is "reread Glider's post slowly and carefully, word for word!"
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    I think glider has it nailed as always. All I would say is just find the bike you like and go for it. You can add bags to any bike, so don't let storage be what leads you to the bigger bikes, unless that is what you like. Make sure you are comfortable riding whatever you are looking at, that is the most important.
  7. Randall K. Wilson

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    The dealer who told you he is getting way over msrp...is a goofball.:bigsmiley30:
    You said you are set to take delivery...is it concrete? Can you loose deposit money?

    Glider's overview on this discussion is very sage. However if you get this 2007 RK SE, it will be a nice machine even though all of your agendas may not come to fruition. I would prefer this model over many others.

    Had it been me, I would have gotten the basic roadking, a brand new one. Crotchrockets are going to blow your SE off the road so what is the point. And if you sell it you eat the SE stuff.

    If nothing else comes out of this scenario...you will be more "scooter savy".:D
    I'm anxious to hear the final result of your endeavors.
  8. Breeze3at

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    Stop second guessing yourself (buyers remorse), and get the parking spot in the garage ready for the new bike (not that it will be parked much).

    NYSDEUCERIDER Active Member

    As one that tends to think things to death, I understand the quaundry. I did the same thing. For a LONG time, I kept jumping back and forth between what specific model I wanted. Over and over, I found myself looking at one paricular line. Then came picking a certain model within that line. And then what year? and so on...
    Once the decision was made, I began searching, learning as much as possible about every little detail of 'my bike'. Then, how to find the one??? Once my "WANTS" and "MUST HAVES" were outlined, the REAL search began. After looking at ebay all over the state and the country, I found one within 50 miles! On the way, I stopped in at the local H-D dealer and almost succumbed to "New is always nice..." without even going to see the bike I had been looking for! A walk outside and a cooler head told me to drive the one more mile to look at the used bike. Long story cut a LITTLE shorter, I bought the used bike. It is THE bike I had hand chiseled into my GOTTA HAVE list. Do I have any regrets that I didn't get to put on that first one hundred miles? NOPE! I am happy with this bike, proud of the looks of it, and pleased with it in every way!
    The bottom line.... go with your heart, get what YOU want, what YOU need, and most of all, go with a bike that fits your needs, your riding style and your body, size and build! But most of all....just GO! Take the world on two wheels......(Safely and with a smile on your face!) Always remember, the name of the registrant is the fella (or gal) that needs to be impressed...no one else!
  10. Jonas

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    I have a RoadKing and love it. I have had it for five, going on six years.

    Two things I wish it had, and what I would do;

    I would look at a Street Glide, for two reasons Stereo and Antilock brakes.(six speed transmission in my case)

    I would look for a couple year old garage queen with low mileage. They can be bought cheap right now.

    Personally if I were in the market for "NEW" I would have to really consider the Victory Cross Country.

    Good Luck