Did Anyone Get In A Ride This Weekend?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Steve Di., Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Steve Di.

    Steve Di. Active Member

    I saw lots of bikes on the road in Mass. this weekend. Many people were enjoying their first ride of the season and got to enjoy some great spring-time weather.

    I had a lot of company at the local Harley shop on Sunday. There were around fifty bikes in the parking lot. Inside I saw a long line at the parts counter and an equally long line at the Harley bling counter.

    I took a ride around the Lake on my way home and passed many bikes. I decided to stop at a local coffee/donut shop on the Lake; this is a hang-out for a local bike group. I got the last parking spot in a lot full of Harleys.

    It was a great weekend. I don't know about you guys, but I am done with winter and am ready for spring.

    Let's hope that this nice weather hangs around for a while.:s
  2. gs34

    gs34 Junior Member

    :D :D Yes I did. Saturday, and Sunday. :D :D....and I'm heading out this morning in about 20 minutes.
    Local dealer had his 1st free hot dog and 15% off sale on Saturday. Man, you could never tell ther was a problem with the economy by looking at the length of the lines.

    06BLACKGLIDE Member

    Yes, I got a 120 mile ride in yesterday. The weather was great, plan on getting a few more miles in this week before it starts getting colder for the weekend. I also seen alot of bikers out
  4. SledDog

    SledDog Senior Member Staff Member Moderator

    Did 300 miles over the weekend..
  5. STEVE07

    STEVE07 Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderators

    It got up to 55 here yesterday,as soon as the temp got over 40 it sounded like there was a rally being held! I had to listen to it till I was done hanging new doors on our bedroom,then it was my turn!:D
  6. WHM1

    WHM1 Junior Member

    We have had rain since Friday..... and again today. Someone said spring is coming? Going to be nice soon. Glad you northern boys got in some miles...
  7. Fatboy07NH

    Fatboy07NH Banned

    Hey Steve Di. It sounds like your talking about the lake in Wakefield, MA and a stop at the Honey Dew with the walk up window. Real nice ride around the lake.

    I took a short 16 mile ride from Derry, NH down to Salem, NH for a bite. Yes the weather was wonderfull but there is still a whole lot of sand and salt. Hopefully a couple more weekday rain storms will take care of cleaning the roads.
  8. Steve Di.

    Steve Di. Active Member

    Wow! Yes it is the Lake in Wakefield. With all the bikes at Honey Dew Donuts, it looked like there was a bike rally going on!

    I like hanging there to look at the different custom choppers that show up on the weekends.

    The Lake offers a nice ride indeed.:s
  9. Clint

    Clint Active Member

    I got 40 miles in thurs afternoon after picking the bike up from the shop.

    Then I rode up to the hospital friday afternoon to see my 3rd grandson come into the world! :D

    It started raining Saturday morning and hasn't stopped.:yeahright
  10. UglyJohn

    UglyJohn Active Member

    I got the wify's bike clean, the Bronco clean and had waxed the car the day before. So, since my bike was dirty and ugly anyway, I went on a very hard rainy putt around the valley. The rain was coming down hard which makes it nice for a solitude ride. Something about riding on the back roads in the rain is awesome! Everything is clean (except the bike) and the rain drowning out all impurities of sound. . . . priceless.
    Ugly John