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    Hooker pipes, would adjusting settings from tork to horespower make the sound deeper in tone or just louder? I have tried to adjust the baffles myself however I couldn't get it to budge. I prefer more low end tork rather than high end horsepower but would find a way to adjust the setting if it would change the tone. When I tried to adjust the settings myself I removed the the ring completely at rear and even used lubricant to try and free it but it still wouldn't budge. Hookers website says to back off the ring a bit a move the baffle 1/8" backwards to make adjustments. I've tried wiggling it loose with no luck. Anyone out there experience the same problem and what trick did you use to adjust setting?
    Got a SERT to get rid of decel pop what should I ask when I get my bike dyno'd and how long should it take. I was told by one shop about an hour. Isn't that a bit low for a proper tune? Will tuning it up make it sound better, Deeper, with corrected afr tables and better running bike. My big bore kit with cams sound nice at idle, but cruising sounds don't seem to be deep enough to me. Is that normal?

    Just got the big bore kit installed just waiting for the next 1000 miles to go by. Spending way to much money to make the beast sound better...but hey thats harley for you.
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    This may answer some of your questions.

    5 Questions To Ask Your Engine Tuner - Harley Davidson Community

    I have to agree with you about the hour to tune your bike. Don't expect too much from them with that time frame, just a tweaked AFR is about all you will probably get on a canned map.

    As far as your dealer, it sounds like he found a cash cow. He'll sell you the moon next.:s

    Tuning your bike for sound will be a waste of good money. It is generally done for performance which will bring the sound of the engine as well. A proper set of mufflers would produce the sound you are looking for without all the expensive extras that the sealer is selling you. Best to find a stock bike with the sound that you are looking for and work from there.
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    Also on the situation with the decel problem, the SERT will get the popping out on decel if you can find someone who really knows how to run a dyno. A really good dyno tuner can have a bike running perfect in about 2 to 3 hours. If you are running the new Super Tuner and you know how to run it, go to the decel table. I start at the top and do the whole table. What you want to do is highlight the whole table. Then add fuel to the whole thing. Do that until you get the popping out.
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    I had Hooker tuned flow slip-ons put on the bike at delivery.
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    Sound of the bike is pretty much the province of exhaust setup (the cams affect the rhythm, not the tone). I agree with all the other posters; don't worry, the bike will run better with the 103 kit, etc.
    YES find a good dyno operator and ASK him the Glider's 5 questions.
    No experience with the Hooker setup; I put Rush Baloney-cut slip-ons on my 09 SG, and I just love how it sounds. No tickets, no ears ringing, but volume and great tone at all speeds.
    Exhaust sound is a very personal thing, what I like is going to be great for me, and perhaps terrible for you. Once again, like Glider sez: find a bike that sounds the way you want and go from there.

    Luck, and let us all know how you make out! I'm very interested (considering cams and a dyno next...)

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    RE:As far as your dealer, it sounds like he found a cash cow. He'll sell you the moon next.

    Ya, I agree. There is only so much you can do. It sounds like you have done quite a bit already, yet you don't sound too happy with the end results. Have you ever had someone else ride your bike while you stayed back in the parking lot to listen. Your bikes exhaust will sound different to others than what it sounds like to you when you are sitting on it. Maybe the sound is already there but you are too close to hear it.
    I am a little concerned that the dealer is going to take advantage of you because it sounds to me like he is just piling on stuff. I always like to remind myself that most (not all) Harley dealers sole objective in life is to "sell the catalogue". The best dealers throttle back on that a bit because they realize that at any point a customer begins to feel like they are being taken advantage of, they will loose that customer for life.
    Anyway, good luck and ride safe.
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    If you want a good sounding pipes try D&D fat cats. It will also help out on HP gain. D&D has good performance gains when you use them.
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    I also have Hooker slip ons with the popping on decell.After trying to change my baffle setting to no avail I rememberd what I would do to remove a stuborn bolt..Heat.So after my next ride I put some gloves on with the pipes nice and hot and they moved.
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    thanks for the info.

    Hey whatyardwork...

    What change did you notice after adjusting the baffle in terms of tone. Changing from tork to horsepower is obvious from performance standpoint but what about sound... What did you decide to stick with T or H. Was there a huge difference in volume? Don't want to asking for a ticket if ya know what I mean.
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    Minimul difference, went back to H and am not happy with the tinny sound at idle.I'll be switching to Rienheart true duals as soon as uncle Sam provides tax relief.You know the tinny sound Im reffering to.