dealer never has parts for my bike

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by scotsman, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. scotsman

    scotsman New Member

    we have 2 dealers in town and they never have any parts i need in stock the answer is always 7 to 10 days it gets old
  2. xcavater

    xcavater Member

    I have 5 dealers within 30 miles of home and always plan that they won't have stock. I find it online, know what'll cost to have it shipped, then call the dealer as a last stop before placing order.
  3. brownfoxx1

    brownfoxx1 Active Member

    dealers order parts once a week, but sometimes (rarely) parts will come in mid week if they have a heavy week. find a good sourve & order it from them.
    ronnies has a great schematic of h-f bikes etc. so i might try them the next time i need to order a OEM part. to show support for their efforts t give us a good reference guide. if you have a print deluxe installed on your computer you can capture the whole page & print it, to use in the shop so to speek, instead of getting your manual dirty. i have no interest in
    ronnies, i'm just glad someone is helping the end user of h-d's.
  4. 100ed

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    i had a simuliar problem at one dealership. they told me the brash washers for the forks on my wifes bike needed to be orderd ! i couldnd belive it . talked to a nother dealer that had them thay eold me some dealers dont want to invest the money into parts .so u will need to order all parts . dont make ant scents to me .
  5. Bodeen

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Get used to it. Plan ahead, order ahead and save money. My dealer would be a great place for an Ice cream stand.
  6. DakotaRob

    DakotaRob Active Member

    I haven't needed much, but it seems like my closest dealer orders on Monday or Tuesday and gets parts delivered Thursday or Friday.

    I got lucky yesterday, rode 60 miles in the rain to the dealer where I bought my bike and they actually had a new radio in stock to fix my malfunctioning one. Maybe radios are considered a must-have part. :p
  7. Midnight Reign

    Midnight Reign Active Member

    Seems like nobody is stocking much in the way of parts, it is not uncommon for my aftermarket venders to not have alot of stuff in stock, and the number of parts on backorder seem to be increasing as well. I guess no one wants to any money sitting on the shelf a day longer than absolutely needed.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Lookslike the old days that started in the 99 TC are gone for good (bad).

    No dealiers have nor Want lots of parts in their inventory like the old days...

    I was very surprised that Sierry Vista HD (small brother of big HD in Tucson Az.) had 2 new "A" wheel bearings for my 09 when I had them replace a front tire just last thursday.

    Harley started out on the old twin cams of having ALL the upgraded parts needed for that bike Before the copy vendors did. So many bikes came with the extra parts being put on by the HD shops. Usually took HD years to catch up with what was offered by the aftermarket crowd... Turning the tables on the after-market crowd, HD had all the parts when that bike came out.:53::53::53:

    Now to get a front fender tip cover on my 09 King, it needs to be ordered... Front tip covers fit a lot of earlier Road Kings, you'd think some basic parts would be in stock.:small3d031:

  9. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    I recently had some work done at St Paul Harley in Minnesota, clutch cable, master cylinder cover, and a host of other things. You would think something common like cables would be laying on their parts shelf, I'm not talking about a vintage bike it's a 05 ultra. Nope had to order parts, same thing when Jack had to replace his throttle cable, sorry not in stock for a street bob have to over night it. What gives? both bikes are newer and you would think :small3d031:a very common thing to replace.
  10. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Economic down sizing of inventory they pay for, I broke a throttle cable in MN, they had to next day air it in from Rapid City