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Customize our Harley

Guys,why do we customize and add accessories to our Harley?
Well, for me it's simple! I want to stand out above all else! The last thing I want is to look like every Bob, Dan, and Steve out there on the road!
You may have different reasons.
I actually do customization for the same reason that you do. I do not want my bike to look like all of the other ones out of the road so I am always looking for cool new modifications that I can add to my bike.
I actually have not added anything that was not on my bike when I bought it brand new. I figure why mess with a good thing?? I did have some options added when I ordered it but that is all.
I have been on sides of this one. I used to customize by bikes for the sake of showing off. I liked to have a ride that embodied my personality and yet turned heads.

Then I bought an old police cruiser. It's unique for sure and it expresses my personality. However, I ride it. Whatever goes on that bike is out of necessity or to make my ride more enjoyable. I've had for three years and have washed it only once. The other two times it was washed was when I took in for service.

But that's just me.
I was searching one day for ways to fix up my bike and my teen was teling me keywords and such. Bad idea I do not suggest it, listening to a teen that is. I typed in pimp my bike and seen all the HD rider haters.Was a trip, they called us a pegan braindaed cult.I was taken back a minute.So many haters out there.
I have not changed anything about my bike at all. I love my bike just the way it is and could not imagine customizing it because I really haven't seen anything that made me think, I have to have that. I think that most of the time that this is just something that the younger generation does to show off.
I am sure that I am going to do some things to make this bike "mine". I would like to eventually have enough money to get some custom artwork done on the tank and have my name put on it. I do not plan on getting rid of this bike for anything so I figure make it mine.
I haven't done anything to my bike either. I think that sometimes people get a little too carried away with things and then when they go to sell their bike they have a hard time. I bought a cheaper bike and I would like to eventually sell it and upgrade.
I have added a few things to my bike since I purchased it used I really felt the need to make it my own and to change some of the things that the previous owner had done that I did not like.
I feel the need to customize everything I own and then, always tinkering around with something and usually ends up with my name all over it.