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Crazy!!! Deer jumped...

I had that happen on a quad, in the woods all day...come out jump on and head back to the house..crusing down the dirt road and oh crap! jumped right over me, so close i could smell he was in full rut! Then back to the house to clean out my shorts!
Slightly different. I was riding across the dessert from Dammam to Riyadh in January early morning about 7:30 when I encountered a bank of fog. Decided to slow down. I popped out of the fog into the sunlight after a few hundred yards and was staring straight at a camel. Damn thing looked at me as if I were the stupid one!
Never seen one jump, but they can sure run and spit! I used to think donkeys and mules slobber. There was a local trading rides on a camel for MREs when we were outside of Nasariyah. It's an experience, to be sure! His family ate good for many days after that.