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  1. bcortani

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    With this week (May 16th) kicking off the Law Enforcement Memorial Week, I was just curious of how many of my brothers and sisters in here are LE?? Be proud and sound off with your agency/department and time served.

    Clallam County S.O/20 years and still going.:newsmile108:
  2. rsbourff

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    total 27 yrs. Forrest Co. Sheriff's Office (Hattiesburg, Ms.) (5yrs) and Anderson Co. Sheriff's Office (Clinton, Tn) 22yrs and still counting.
  3. horizonchaser

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    I take it by LE you mean Law Enforcement? I still can't figure out TQ's PFD. :p
    I'm not LE BTW.
  4. bigbubba402

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    My Hat goes off to all of you that are in LE it is a very thankless job on most occasions stay safe
  5. Dswartz

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    Knoxville, TN Police department. Three years served so far.
  6. 173ABN

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    Grand County Sheriff"s Dept Colorado Now retired and living in Florida 35 total years in LE
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    Does being a "Forum Cop" count? :p

    Seriously, thanks to all of you who don a uniform and keep us safe - LE, fire, military.

  8. Joyflyin

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    I have got to say thanks to you all, (even the ones who have had the pleasure of pulling me over & giving me a ticket or a break) :s BTW, the 'breaks' are much appreciated, even though I drive like a granny most of the time, on the few occasions I do speed (usually for a short period of time for whatever reason) I tend to get caught. :) You are just doing your job, and yes, I was in the wrong. I can't argue that.

    But, when I crashed my truck in South Carolina, the officer on the scene was great! My truck was totaled, I was okay, but from looking at the truck, everyone insisted that I go to the hospital and get checked out. It wasn't a bad idea really, but I had my dog with me. Not wanting the dog to go to a shelter, I was refusing. The officer offered to take care of the dog for me. He took here & her crate & set it up at the hospital off to the side, came in and checked on me & gave me his number to call when I got done at the ER. (I was going to call a cab but he told me not at that hour) He came back and picked up me & my dog and took us to a hotel to get checked in. At this point I felt this guy had gone above & beyond for a stranger just passing through. But the story gets better, I was worried about my 'stuff' in my truck, I had 2 weeks worth of toys and a couple of expensive bicycles. (Headed to FL to watch my niece in a softball tournament & then back to WV for some camping & bike riding). This guy offered to take me over to where my truck was towed to get some of my things & my bag with my clothes. He dropped me back at the hotel & I was set. The next morning I called the insurance company & got the rental. After I went over to get the rest of my things from my truck & was on the road by noonish or so.

    Last week we just lost an officer killed in the line of duty only a few miles from our home. I was turned around on my way to work and was surprised to find out what had happened when I got to work. The officer I spoke to that morning was still very nice & pleasant when he turned me around, even complimented me on my Jeep. I didn't think much of it at the time except that it would be big news to have the road closed in my sleepy little town. I was crushed to find out that an officer had been struck & killed. :( His family is in my prayers daily. Young man, father of 3 children, the oldest was 10. Too close to home for me.

    You guys have a tough job & I thank you for it. AND,BTW, I did write a letter to the state of SC thanking them for the fine job their officer did in making my bad night not so bad. :s (I also sent a copy to his superior :))

    Thank you ALL!
  9. mat 60

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    Its sad to here about the officer geting killed...I also want to thank all of you cops for putting your life on the line..
  10. IBA Harley

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    I have a lot of LEO's in my family and my friends. Although not in law enforcement, I am an Associate Member of the FOP. Truly appreciate what they do for us.