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Come on Down Under to Australia !!

Great sunny weather to find all over Australia, big Country with lots of great touring destinations to ride to.
The high Country in Victoria and New South wales. The Ocean View Road in Victoria is a very popular one. Adelaide with the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills plus along the Beaches.
Try Queenslands Gold Coast. Too many Country cruises to mention here as the list would just go on and on.
All I can say is. Explore Australia! Just make sure you take plenty of water with yeah as it does get pretty hot at times and you may be miles away from the next pit stop.
Geez Ray, you sound like a travel agent here :D

All you need is prices.:D

Could you book me and the wife for a two week stay at a top shelf hotel? I'd like to stop by and see T Wrecks while I'm there too.:taunt
I'm trying to convince the Mrs to go to Oz for a vacation... problem is, she won't fly. So if we go, it'll have to be my boat (and a long vacation at that!). But if and when I do get down there, I'm definitely stopping by and see my mate T Wrecks. He's promised me to show some of that great Aussie back roads. I just dread seeing all those cars coming directly at me, because it'll take a bit to get used to riding the wrong side!


See....See.. T ...You do drive on the wrong side. I told you that!!!:D
Ok Boys.thats All Side Splitting.i've Laughed So Much My Pants Split.but, At Least We've Got Better Beer;a Better Climate;less Crazies;and The Current Moto Gp Champ! That Last Item Is Pretty Important.

(you-all Will Have To Read This Nice And Slow To Understand What I've Written;seeing As Us 'ossies' Talk Like So Different To ,well, The Rest Of The World)

On A Serious Note, My Brothers Pick Up Their Fat Boys On Tuesday Nov.20 And I Get My Flstn In Feb. Next Year.
Take It Easy And Ride Safe.

Love From Sunny Queensland